Paparazzi Reveals The Latest Disney-Star Turned Out-Of-Control "Bad Boy" Obsession

The innocent looking young singer and actor was virtually unknown months ago, now he's the new "paparazzi bad boy" and the biggest controversial face in Hollywood.

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Hollywood, CA, May 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Seen "flipping off" the paparazzi in this picture here, the young actor and pop icon has joined the group of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber's, clearly no longer appealing to the parents of his Disney Channel and Nicolodeon fans. Just a few months ago Ryan Zamo was just another "innocent looking teen" and a small name in Hollywood, now it seems that the press has become enwrapped in the young stars day-to-day life, practically tracking his every movement.

 Stuck in a media-and-paparazzi fueled whirlwind, Ryan Zamo doesn't seem to concerned with an innocent image anymore, with his bad boy behavior fueling the paparazzi's new hunger for him. 

Ryan Zamo has had a long list of credits in Hollywood, and though he was still very unknown to the public eye a few months ago, the teen idol has now become the newest out-of-control-bad-boy for the paparazzi, Zamo said "I'm flattered that they think my life is so interesting, because if you ask me, I think my life is pretty mundane. But growing up admiring every E! True Hollywood Story, I learned that high-leveled negative press is still better than no press, and that's how I view my situation right now". 

Zamo's acting credits have been building since 2009. His first debut on the big screen was in the animated feature film "Arthur Christmas", he has also taken on multiple roles in syndicated television shows and has appeared in commercials for Garnier Fructis, Burger King, Six Flags and more. 

Ryan Zamo also became a pop superstar just over 2 years ago, after the over-night success of his radio single "TrySexuality". It comes as a surprise that the raising star was just recently dubbed a bad-boy, as his early music seems to have a painted that portrait years ago, singing about sex, drugs and highly illicit finances. The young star has now gone on to release 3 more albums, has had multiple chart topping radio singles, and has toured after selling records worldwide. Billboard Music recently named him "The #1 Artist To Watch In 2015", and his newest radio single "Summer Of '09" sits at number 27 on Billboard Music's national radio charts. 

Further more, Ryan Zamo has also started his own organic cosmetics company. Launching his first product line last September, his company Z Skin Cosmetics has already become one of the leading brands for organic skincare, hair care, mineral makeup and hair loss solutions, within just 6 months. His internationally selling systems have been featured in multiple magazines, on talk shows and multiple other media outlets worldwide. 

Thanks to the paparazzi, Ryan Zamo is now gathering quite some steam in Hollywood for himself; being a bad-boy or not, he has exploded as a new raising star, he told us "I honestly didn't move out to LA to start pursuing my dreams in hopes of being wildly famous. I've always loved every aspect of performing since I was a child; in high school I was knee deep in drama class, theatre productions and drama club. I never really shared my aspirations with anyone, because I never did it to impress anybody, and that is still true to this day. I just honestly love what I do, I mean don't get me wrong it is kind of awesome to have people recognizing me on the street now." 

Ryan Zamo may have been underappreciated for his immense talent over the past few years, but now it looks like the talented young star is getting quite the attention, whether its by "flipping off" the cameras or not. 

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