Introducing ERASA XEP-30, Skincare at the Cutting Edge of Science

BioMimetic Laboratories Launches ERASA XEP-30, a Superior Anti-Aging Concentrate With Industry Leading Clinically Proven Results

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 20, 2015) - BioMimetic Laboratories, a skincare product innovator, announces the launch of its flagship product ERASA XEP-30. The product exemplifies the power of biomimetics, the development of synthetic materials that mimic the structure and function of naturally occurring substances for the purpose of solving complex human problems.

In a 14-day trial, ERASA XEP-30 performed with amazing results across multiple measures. Independent testing reported, on average, a measurable 64% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, with the top quartile seeing more than 90% reduction. ERASA XEP-30 is clinically tested by AMA Laboratories, Inc., the industry's leading independent testing facility with over 28 years of experience serving manufacturers and formulators in the Cosmetic, Over-the-Counter Drug, and Health & Beauty industries.

ERASA XEP-30 is the brainchild of Chief Scientist Jules Zecchino, who was the former Head of Skin Care R&D at Estée Lauder for over 20 years, and responsible for the development of the company's top performing products in their multi-billion dollar segments. His team at BioMimetic Laboratories aims to build upon their impressive achievements by utilizing internal technologies as well as leveraging relationships with a number of scientific, corporate and academic affiliates who provide the adjunct technology and manufacturing necessary for product commercialization.

Mr. Zecchino stated: "We are extremely proud to present ERASA XEP-30, which is the most technically advanced anti-aging concentrate in the high-end professional product performance arena. It has been created to deliver a total activity of anti-aging benefits, normally requiring three or more products. Our exclusive new patent pending delivery system is delivering unprecedented results."

BioMimetic Laboratories is a venture backed company from the portfolio of Skyler Brand Ventures, the premier R&D incubator in the cosmetics industry. Its lead and founding investor is Valmiki Capital Management, a New York based asset manager. Ravi Suria, Valmiki's Managing Partner stated "We are thrilled with the first product to come from BioMimetic Laboratories. We invested in Skyler's companies to back the preeminent scientist in the cosmetics industry and are extremely pleased with the technology and products created by Jules Zecchino and his research teams."

Retailing for USD 160.00, ERASA XEP-30 is available exclusively at at launch, followed by physical presence at select prestigious stores worldwide.

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