Diet Doc's Oxytocin Improves Mood, Calms Anxiety and Helps Those With Emotional Eating Disorders Reach Their Ideal Weight Rapidly, Safely and Comfortably

Patients Are Finding Reaching Their Weight Loss Goals Easier With the Addition of Diet Doc's Oxytocin, a Natural Hormone That Calms Anxiety, Soothes Stress and Enables Patients to Focus Completely on Improving Their Emotional and Physical Health by Losing Excess Fat

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LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Because of the increasing prevalence of obesity and its association with various metabolic syndrome disorders, identifying effective therapeutic strategies has become more important than ever. And, while the FDA has approved a handful of weight loss drugs, many have failed to deliver expected results while others have been red-flagged due to harmful side effects. This quest for newer, safer and more effective therapeutic approaches has resulted in the recent discovery of peptide-based drugs to control obesity.

Oxytocin, a natural hormone that is stored in the posterior pituitary, promotes a promising foundation for the therapeutic strategy in the treatment of weight control and weight-related metabolic diseases. Widely used for decades as an aid for uterine contraction and lactation for new mothers, the recent discovery of Oxytocin's effects on local actions in the brain, as well as its ability to regulate social behaviors and metabolic physiology, have quickly emerged, indicating Oxytocin as a safe and natural way for those who have struggled with weight loss due to emotionally driven appetite, hunger and fear-induced eating disorder, to finally lose excess fat while easing anxiety, reducing stress and improving the mood.

While there are various methods of Oxytocin delivery, most experts agree that intranasal spray is superior to oral or sublingual dosing because it provides a non-invasive route for drugs with poor systemic bioavailability after oral administration, causes minimal discomfort, is easy to use and typically results in higher patient compliance.

Diet Doc's medically supervised Oxytocin treatment has shown positive results by forcing the body to release its own natural hormone during times of stress and anxiety when the urge to overindulge or reach for comfort foods is at its peak, while also having an effect on the appetite by suppressing sugar intake, perhaps by reducing the thrill and reducing the emotional reward derived from food. Qualified patients whose weight has gotten out of control due to emotional eating disorders will consult with one of Diet Doc's specially trained physicians who may recommend enhancing their nutritionist-designed diet plans with Oxytocin for a faster and more comfortable weight loss transition.

Having demonstrated its potential to positively influence weight loss for those who suffer emotional eating disorders, Diet Doc recently incorporated Oxytocin to their already impressive stable of diet products and healthy living supplements and has helped people throughout the country safely, comfortably and rapidly lose excess fat.

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