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SAN DIEGO, May 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- During a weight loss plan, many factors contribute to the success of the diet. One of the most common causes of diet failure is the lack of an effective support system. This is why the most perennially successful diet plans share one important aspect, a support system available to lend a helping hand to dieters until weight loss goals have been achieved. In an effort to continue to rank among the most successful diet plan providers, Diet Doc recognizes the importance of fostering feelings of wellbeing during dieting, and most importantly, the availability of nutritionists and physicians who can alter the diet plan as weight loss changes, begins to taper off, or is not adequate for the client's health goals.

Sandra T. Mann, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist at George Washington University reported on the importance of an adequate support system during dieting. Mann reveals on that "Utilizing the support of others is one of the primary means of coping with challenging events in one's life, including a weight loss plan".

Diet Doc recognizes that dieting can become tedious and arduous. In an effort to keep dieters invigorated, thus constantly achieving great results, the company has developed a support plan that continually evaluates and readdresses the individual factors that lead to fast weight loss, or even factors that may be causing diminishing results or even full diet plateau. In this regard, Diet Doc now offers unlimited clinical support to all patients, providing doctors on-call for consultation six days per week, and for no extra costs when clients sign up for a Diet Doc weight loss plan.

During weight loss, dieters may experience plateau or other negative symptoms of low caloric intake. If these symptoms occur it is imperative that patients have access to in-house physicians and nutritionists to alter the diet plan and revive effectiveness. By providing unlimited doctor consultations to patients, Diet Doc is able to more closely monitor results, provide equally important clinical support to address questions and concerns and lend support when dieters need emotional reinforcement. This level of personalized attention has been found to help dieters remain on their diet plans longer, allowing them to more regularly achieve the weight loss desired.

To schedule a follow-up consultation with a Diet Doc physician or nutritionist is hassle free. Patients simply call the company's main line at 888-934-4451 and chose a consultation time that best suits them. This revolutionary approach to weight loss allows patients across the country an opportunity to consult with leading health professionals, each with essential supplementary education in the field of medical weight loss, and as often as necessary for each patient.

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