Varley Group and its Subsidiary, Varley USA, Inc. Form Strategic Alliance with Concurrent Technologies Corporation and its Affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation


JOHNSTOWN, Pa., May 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Varley Group of Australia and its subsidiary, Varley USA, Inc. have formed a strategic alliance with Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and its affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC).

Varley Group is one of Australia's oldest and most advanced engineering companies. The strategic alliance will extend the Varley Group's business in the United States in three key areas; Aerospace & Defense, specialized vehicles, and advanced electric motor and generator technologies. It is a truly trans-Pacific partnership which will bring high-quality jobs and new business to the U.S.

"Varley is expanding its already extensive footprint in the American defense & aerospace marketplace. Our strategic partnership will open new markets to CTC and EVC, and leverage our strong reputation for developing high-quality solutions to hard engineering challenges," said Earl "Chief" Smith II, PhD, SVP for Strategic Initiatives, Varley USA. "In CTC and EVC we have found an ideal partner. The partnership presents us with a unique opportunity to achieve great things together."

CTC is an independent, nonprofit, applied R &D organization. The company delivers all aspects of engineering expertise including product design and development, surface-engineering technologies, and robotics. CTC engineers and scientists are well respected in America's civil-military base. EVC is CTC's for-profit affiliate. EVC's mission is to transfer advanced technologies to the industrial base for its parent and other research and development firms.

"We look forward to developing a long-term relationship with Varley," stated Ed Sheehan, Jr., CTC President & CEO. "At CTC and EVC, we approach our work with passion and commitment, and we know that Varley does the same. Together, we will be relentless in providing solutions that assist our clients in achieving their missions."

"CTC and EVC bring substantial advantages to Varley, while leveraging Varley's experience, relationships, and footprint within our markets. The companies share a common mission, set of values, and work ethic that will serve as a solid foundation for collaboration," said Matt Hederstrom, CEO, Varley USA.

"EVC's business model directly links its success with the success of its clients, employees, partners, and the communities where it operates. Together, these four organizations will deliver new, high quality, technologically advanced products and services to its customer base," said David Schario, EVC President.

Varley USA, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Varley Group, a 128-year-old Australian engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in Aerospace and Defense programs. Varley USA, Inc. was founded to leverage the technology, innovation, responsiveness, and legacy of its Australian parent to make it easier for US companies to do business with the Varley Group.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization providing innovative management and technology-based solutions to government and industry. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, CTC's primary purpose and programs are to undertake applied scientific research and development activities that serve the public interest. For more information about CTC, visit

Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) is the for-profit affiliate and technology commercialization arm of Concurrent Technologies Corporation. EVC's mission is to transfer advanced technologies to the industrial base for its parent and other research and development firms. EVC works to transition new products from the development phase to the end users. For more information, visit

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