Disney Actor Turned Hollywood-Bad-Boy Receives 14 Stitches After Scuffle With Paparazzi

Keeping an innocent appearance is no longer a concern to the young actor, the once innocent fresh-faced Disney kid is now the newest name added to the Amanda Bynes and Justin Beiber club.

pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles,CA, May 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The once innocent Disney actor has given into the paparazzi's newest obsession with him, as seen in this picture, he is now constantly taunting the Hollywood paparazzi by flipping off the cameras and screaming obscenities at them. The young Hollywood star seems to have no concern with keeping his innocent persona anymore.

Ryan Zamo got into it with one of the members of the paparazzi early yesterday morning. After being asked why he was out so late, the rebellious teen icon replied, "Because I Was Doing Your Mother!". The man reportedly shoved the teen icon, and upon falling Zamo sliced his finger about 4 inches down the center. Though the cameraman sustained no injuries as he took a tumble with the young actor, Zamo was immediately rushed to the ER after others realized the top of his thumb had been sliced. Seen here leaving the hospital a few hours later, Zamo was reported to have received 14 stitches to his hand.

Being virtually unknown a few months ago, Ryan Zamo has become the newest Disney actor to become the paparazzi bad-boy-obsession. Making his first big screen appearance in the animated feature "Arthur Christmas", the young star has gone on to star in multiple movies, popular tv series, commercial and magazines worldwide. He is also now the executive producer, writer and lead actor in the new TV drama "Back Stabber", which is set to start shooting later next month.

Zamo also became the newest Disney-actor-turned-pop-star after he shot to the top of the radio charts just over 2 years ago. Now with 3 albums, multiple chart-topping hit singles, plus touring and selling records worldwide, Billboard Music has named Ryan Zamo the #1 artist to watch in 2015 with his newest single "Summer Of '09".

Zamo has started his own organic cosmetics company "Z Skin Cosmetics", becoming the #1 selling brand for organic skincare, hair care, mineral makeup and hair loss products in the world within 6 months.

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