LiveHive Accelerates Innovation and Sales Rep Competitive Edge with Group Email Capability

Integrated with LiveHive's Powerful Engagement Analytics, Sales Leaders Can Easily Identify and Automate Sales Best Practices for the Entire Team

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiveHive, Inc., whose award-winning sales acceleration platform provides buyer engagement analytics by automating sales follow up, today announced the immediate availability of group email capability. LiveHive also unveiled deeper sales rep productivity analytics to give sales leaders a more comprehensive understanding to repeat best practices across the organization. The announcement comes just weeks after the launch of LiveHive's next generation sales acceleration platform.

Fully integrated within sales teams' inboxes, the addition of group email capability combined with deeper sales rep productivity analytics lets LiveHive users:

  • Gain visibility into all sales rep activities and customer engagement, so sales leaders can quickly see and automate best practices for their team
  •  Send personalized emails to hundreds of prospects at the same time, leveraging customizable email templates with group email scheduling to optimize response rates
  • Get real-time buyer insights through LiveHive's 'LiveFeed' about how each prospect engages with emails and sales content for the most complete customer picture

"Sales leaders are under a lot of pressure to rapidly generate and qualify leads. This requires better sales processes to build the most effective and productive sales teams and respond to today's more informed buyers," said Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO of LiveHive. "LiveHive's group email automation extends the power of our deep content engagement analytics and gives organizations visibility into sales reps' activities, so they can quickly identify what approaches are most successful."

LiveHive today also announced that Carnegie, a designer and manufacturer of innovative textile and wall covering solutions, has chosen LiveHive to help its sales organization instantly access to digital assets to increase productivity and gain insights leading to a more effective sales process.

"Leveraging the email template functionality in the LiveHive platform, I can distribute in real-time materials related to new collections to my entire team. This improves sales reps' productivity and ensures everyone is using the latest approved versions of the sales content," said Erika Gaies, VP of Sales, Carnegie. "LiveHive's comprehensive analytics provide us with actionable intelligence on what's working best. Although we have looked at other solutions, we found LiveHive to be unique in offering these capabilities."

New market research demonstrates value of automated engagement sales technologies

In today's transformed buyer journey, personalization is crucial. Recent research conducted by Aberdeen Group shows that emerging sales engagement and automation tools that empower sales reps to deliver personalized email and content engagement can have up to 36% increase in lead conversion; and sales leaders who have analytics to understand their team's performance can result in upwards of a 57% lead conversion.

According to Aberdeen's Peter Ostrow, VP Sales Effectiveness Research, "Visibility into buyers' consumption of content is far from new; marketing automation platform users have leveraged this kind of functionality for years.  What's changing today is that sales professionals are newly empowered with tools to gain similar insights.  If they can function as 'micro-marketers,' they have a leg up on the competition, and are better able to personalize messaging down to the individual buyer level."

About LiveHive

Headquartered in San Jose, California, LiveHive powers sales organizations to build a repeatable sales process through deep engagement analytics into buyers' interests and automates sales follow-up to accelerate the sales cycle. With content-sharing capabilities and robust analytics, LiveHive's sales acceleration platform helps sales reps automate follow-up; understand a buyer's interest level; quickly identify stakeholders in the buying process; and rank top buyers based on engagement.

LiveHive lets sales organizations focus on core selling activity by automating routine selling activities like email and calling tasks. LiveHive reveals prospect buying patterns with instant alerts that show when documents are viewed and downloaded; which pages are viewed, for how long and from where; and gives profile data for recipients of shared documents with instant notification to marketing for lead nurturing. For more information, visit, and follow LiveHive on Twitter @LiveHive and via LinkedIn

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