ABT Mining Announces Appointment of New President and CEO

Pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Irvine, CA, June 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ABT Mining Co. (Pink Sheets: ABOT.pk) announced that effective May 27, 2015, Imran Firoz resigned as the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary of ABT Mining Co., which is also doing business as Abot Mining Co. (the "Company"). Subsequent to Mr. Firoz' resignation, Mr. Shahan Ohanessian was appointed as the President, Chief Executive Officer, Director and Secretary of the Company. Mr. Firoz shall continue as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of the Company.

Mr. Ohanessian is a positive addition to Company's senior management team. Mr. Ohanessian has proven track record in creating value for growth companies, foster innovations and develop technologies that will allow the Company to expand into new business opportunities in the near future.

Mr. Ohanessian has vast knowledge in insurance claims industry and in the development, implementation and marketing of online software technologies. Mr. Ohanessian attended USC (University of Southern California) and studied computer programming and software management. In 2001 Mr. Ohanessian created one the first online claim management portals that grew from handling claims for one insurance company in Southern California to managing thousands of claims for many insurance companies nationwide in less than 24 months.

Mr. Ohanessian stated "I am thrilled with this appointment and looking forward to creating new opportunities for ABT and its shareholders in the near future. Stay tuned, as we will be announcing Company's new corporate and M&A strategy that will create new paths for ABT, diversify our revenue model and generate positive cash flow resulting into a flourishing and bright future for all stakeholders".

About the Company

ABT is a US based mining company engaged in discovering, acquiring, developing, producing, and marketing precious and semi-precious metal properties and is currently headquartered in Irvine, California. ABT plans to create long term shareholder value by implementing an aggressive exploration program, making new precious metals discoveries and developing mining properties with long-life and low cost operation.

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