Diet Doc Announces New Hormone Diet Plans, Offering Better Results than Feast and Famine Diet

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SAN DIEGO, June 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recent reports have centered on a new dieting fad, referred to as the feast and famine diet, called such due to its users alternating between eating large, high caloric meals and periods of fasting. Proponents of this new fad diet offer evidence that it may help those who follow it live longer lives, partly due to the diet's ability to produce weight loss. Diet Doc reminds users of the feast and famine diet that the best weight loss is still found with the company's prescription hormone diet plans, offering better results than the new fad feast or famine diet.

Studies conducted by the University of Florida have shown that a new dieting fad, referred to as the "feast or famine diet," may help its users increase their lifespan through antioxidant production and weight loss. While increased lifespan through antioxidant production clearly has long term benefits, the ability of the feast or famine diet to produce weight loss is still in question, with results being mostly nominal.

Many of those who reach out to Diet Doc require more immediate weight loss to restore health and mobility. For those looking for better results than the feast or famine diet, Diet Doc reveals its prescription hormone diet plans, using FDA approved hormone treatments to help the body mobilize fat stores and boost metabolism naturally and safely.

Founder and President of Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans, Julie Wright, notes that "There is no need for people to resort to risky feast and famine diet plans. Diet Doc can help every person lose weight in a natural and safe way, without overeating and without starving yourself or any combination of the two." While the feast and famine diet shows possibilities of extending life via increased antioxidant production, the first step for those looking to lose large amounts of weight, and restore lost health, an aggressive and healthy weight loss plan can extend life much more assuredly by preventing the myriad of health issues associated with obesity.

The Diet Doc clinical diet plan uses medically supervised, professionally designed and monitored nutritional science to enact safe weight loss without starvation. The company uses the latest technology to design customized diet plans around individual patient needs and wants. Once any underlying issues have been identified, Diet Doc has the option of utilizing prescription-only diet aids to help extricate hidden fat stores, and expedite the weight loss process. Most patients experience results of approximately 15 to 20 pounds lost per month.

Begin a Diet Doc prescription hormone diet plan today and see results as soon as tomorrow. All diet plans are managed via telephone and Skype, giving users ultimate privacy and convenience.

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