Leading IDE Komodo Adds New Package Management and Custom Workspaces

Major Upgrade to Management of JavaScript, Perl, Python, PHP, and Node.js

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - Jun 3, 2015) - ActiveState, enabling developers and enterprises to innovate from code to cloud, announced today the release of a new package manager for Komodo IDE that enables developers to build applications faster with third-party packages. Komodo IDE is widely used in global enterprises for developing applications with the new breed of scripting languages for applications. Customers include Boeing, Cisco, Dell, EMC, FAA, General Electric, Intel, NASA, Qualcomm and many others.

The upgrade is available immediately and is free for current customers of Komodo IDE 9. Developers new to Komodo IDE can get a 15% discount until June 30 by using the promotional code PACKAGE15, and those purchasing a Komodo IDE 5-pack for teams in North America by June 30 will also receive 1 pound Starbucks® Komodo Dragon® blend coffee + 5 Komodo IDE branded coffee mugs.

Komodo IDE 9.1 includes package management integration with Bower (JavaScript), Composer (PHP), Gem (Ruby), PIP and PyPM (Python), CPAN and PPM (Perl), and NPM (Node.js). The new package manager allows users to search for and install packages from within Komodo rather than searching, locating, copying, pasting packages into a command line. This is particularly beneficial to users of Node.js and Perl.

Developers can immediately start using 270,000 PHP packages on Packagist, 150,000 Perl packages on CPAN, 100,000 GEMs, and 150,000 npm packages from the npm site.

Although developers could always run shell scripts from within Komodo IDE, users can now also run shell scripts from Commando, saving time and without interrupting their workflow.

According to the May 2015 TIOBE Index, the scripting languages JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and Python - which Komodo IDE focuses heavily on - account for over 30% of the top 12 most popular languages. Between 2,000 to 5,000 developers download ActivePerl every day from the ActiveState website.

"We're committed to creating the best possible experience for developers who are building applications with whatever powerful web or scripting language they prefer," said Jeff Hobbs, CTO & VP, Engineering at ActiveState. "We're continually looking at shaving time off of each task, from our Commando automated search that came out with Komodo 9, to the integrated support of package management in today's update."

Komodo 9.1 now lets users save custom workspaces. Saving a workspace allows developers to save all of their current preferences, from windows to panels to which files are open and where, so they can resume with the same look and feel consistently without having to reconfigure preferences upon opening Komodo. They can simply open saved workspace(s) and pick up where they left off.

Package manager integration, the ability to run shell scripts from within Komodo, and custom workspaces are all available for Komodo IDE only; an additional update to the way Commando searches by scope and selects results can be found in both Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit.

Komodo IDE is at the center of one of the largest communities of professional developers, with more than 6 million deployments of Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit (ActiveState's free, basic, open source editor).

  • Komodo 9.1 also includes many feature enhancements and bug fixes.

A full list of Komodo IDE features is available here: http://komodoide.com/features/.

Download a free 21-day trial of Komodo IDE 9 for Windows, Mac and Linux is available immediately: http://komodoide.com/

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