Diet Doc Discourages Consumers Who Are Tempted to Buy hCG and Diet Pills Online

Diet Doc Does Not Support the Internet Sale of Prescription Diet Products and Discourages Consumers Who Are Tempted to Buy hCG and Diet Pills Online

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LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- One simple click of the computer mouse will populate hundreds of websites advertising miracle weight loss drugs that may include "prescription" hCG and "prescription" diet pills. These prescription products are offered to consumers without a doctor visit, without medical history knowledge, and without a valid doctor prescription and are designed to bilk money from trusting consumers who are desperate to lose weight. Although the FDA attempts to monitor the internet, the truth is that the web is much too broad to police effectively. For this reason, Diet Doc continues in their campaign to keep those who are tempted to buy hCG and diet pills online informed. Patients who follow these guidelines can avoid being duped by illegal prescription drug sales and their potentially harmful health risks. Consumers should:

  • Know that prescription products are never available without a valid doctor prescription. Websites advertising "prescription" hCG and "prescription" diet pills are selling illegal or ineffective products that are typically manufactured outside of the U.S. where there are no quality or safety standards.
  • Homeopathic hCG means that the product has been diluted with other ingredients making it totally useless for weight loss.
  • hCG is not a permanent reset for metabolism.

Diet Doc patients are so successful because, when they join the Diet Doc team, they receive comprehensive diet plans that include:

  • Unlimited consultations with doctors who specialize in the science of safe and fast weight loss;
  • Nutritionist-designed meal and snack plans that are specific to each patient's age, gender, nutritional needs and medical conditions that are easy to follow and leave patients feeling full and satisfied;
  • Pure, prescription hormone diet treatments that search out old, stored fat to be quickly burned and flushed from the system, diet pills and appetite suppressants that curb the urge to overindulge and powerful fat burners that burn fat four times faster than other products. And, because safety is a top priority at Diet Doc, all diet products are manufactured in fully licensed, FDA approved, U.S. based pharmacies and are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis detailing the quality and quantity of ingredients.
  • Weekly monitoring throughout, as well as a staff of specially trained experts who are available on an unlimited basis to answer questions, address concerns, offer suggestions or simply to lend their support throughout.

Diet Doc has become the country's most trusted and reliable source for safe and fast weight loss. They urge those who are desperate to lose weight and who are tempted to buy hCG and diet pills online to call today.

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