Mission of Hope, Haiti Builds Almost 500 Homes Since Earthquake

Cost-Efficient Homes Changing Lives

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

AUSTIN, Texas, June 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As of this week, Mission of Hope, Haiti (MOH) has completed 459 permanent homes for families displaced from the 2010 earthquake. Six more families moved in yesterday, and ten additional families, 5 hearing and 5 deaf, will receive homes next week in the village of Leveque, about 30 minutes north of Port au Prince.

Since the earthquake, MOH has partnered with donors to move those living in temporary blue tents in Leveque into permanent homes. The Leveque Community has emerged as one of the most impressive and successful resettlement communities in all of Haiti, with over 150 hearing-impaired families integrated within the community as well.  

The cost of each home built through MOH is $6,000, and includes 3 rooms, a small plot of land for farming, a detached bathroom, 2 fruit trees, and access to education, a church, water, and training in agriculture.  

"Our vision from the first home built has been to provide those who lost their homes with a quality, cost efficient Haitian home that will not only provide a place to live but a place to thrive," says MOH President Brad Johnson.

When houses are completed, MOH holds a ceremony for families to celebrate the ownership of their new homes.  

Mission of Hope is working to raise funds to build roughly 200 more homes for waiting families.  

About Mission of Hope, Haiti:

Mission of Hope feeds over 90,000 children per day in partnership with Convoy of Hope and Feed My Starving Children, educates over 5,000 students on 13 campuses, and sees over 28,000 people per year in its onsite and mobile clinics that go into 17 villages. More than 90% of MOH's staff is Haitian, and 97% of resources raised go directly to its programs in Haiti.

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