Oswalt Law Group Attorneys Discuss Arizona Supreme Court DUI Decision

A Recent Decision by the Arizona Supreme Court May Have a Significant Impact on Past and Future Convictions for Those Charged With DUI in the State; Attorneys From Oswalt Law Group Discuss the Significance of This Decision and Possible Future Changes in DUI Law

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Jun 8, 2015) - Oswalt Law Group is a law firm in Phoenix that provides representation for those accused of DUI and other crimes. In light of a recent Arizona Supreme Court decision regarding the admissibility of DUI blood test results, these attorneys are offering advice for those who may face DUI charges now or in the future: having an attorney just became more important than ever.

The Supreme Court's decision overruled a lower court's ruling that the results of certain blood tests were inadmissible and partially reversed the Arizona Court of Appeals in a ruling that these results should be admissible. In an attempt to reach a compromise between the two extremes, the Supreme Court ruled that while the blood tests were admissible, attorneys could argue possible faults in the testing equipment as a defense against the charges.

The Arizona Supreme Court addressed an issue that has been making its way through the court system for some time. A headspace gas chromatograph, used to measure blood alcohol levels, was shown to have given faulty readings for some dozen DUI tests that led to aggravated DUI convictions. The court ruled that, while these individual tests may have been faulty, defense attorneys can present evidence to that effect in court rather than having the convictions automatically set aside as the lower court had intended to do.

"The recent decision by the Arizona Supreme Court has shown that the legal system will often err on the side of the prosecution when it comes to DUI," notes criminal defense attorney Sandra Oswalt. "The public wants to feel that DUI offenders are being taken off the road, so it is unlikely that the courts will easily allow the dismissal of drunk driving charges unless there is a very good reason to do so. A criminal defense attorney advocates for those who are charged with DUI and other crimes and stands up for their rights throughout the criminal justice process."

Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix offers the help of defense attorneys to argue possible issues regarding faulty testing equipment, which may give those accused of DUI an advantage in court. For more information, visit the law firm's website at oswaltlawyers.com.

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