Syndication Inc., TO SIGN "NINJA TRADER"; CEO SEEKS BOD APPROVAL on "Day TradeXchange" & "ARCHER" Product Distribution/Marketing Agreement with Internationally Recognized Futures Day Trading Platform Provider/Securities Broker; Est. 50,000+ Users


Damascus, Maryland, UNITED STATES

DAMASCUS, Md., June 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syndication Inc., (SYNJ.PK), reports that on June 5th, 2015, the CEO asked the board for a vote approving a marketing and product distribution agreement for its "ARCHER" trading software and Day TradeXchange trade room membership subscription sales with NINJA TRADER. The company notes that NINJA TRADER is one of the largest internationally known day trading platform provider and broker dealer in today's global futures trading market with more than 50 thousand currently active day trading user/subscribers. The CEO asked the BOD to approve both the agreement and launch date of the product distribution and marketing campaign. Under the terms of the proposed agreement NINJA TRADER will provide among other commitments, vendor license interface distribution controls for our "ARCHER" software sales including free trials and expiration date payment management, code obfuscation to protect DTX intellectual property and prevent reverse engineering, new partner launch marketing, coordinated press releases both public press and existing network subscribers, direct e-mail campaign, with announcements on twitter, Facebook and Stockwits, sponsored webinar events, rotational banner advertisement, you tube and social media marketing, logo sharing on print and electronic platforms, and revenue sharing. The company reported that this is just one of a number relationships being completed but, foresees great potential in the NINJA TRADER affiliation. It's got scale, credibility and hits the company's target market point blank. The Company indicated that news on the scheduling of the Board's vote on the NINJA TRADER partnership is pending and will be released accordingly.


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The Company indicated that additional news on the Board's vote to approve the NINJA partnership and the launch date of the distribution and marketing campaign is pending and that the review of other nationally established trading platforms for the use and sales of ARCHER products, partnerships with registered broker dealers, ARCHER APP development, and the company's financial fillings will be released over the next coming days.

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