Controversial Ex-Disney Star Turned Bad-Boy Makes A Come Back In Hollywood

He's become the newest obsession with the paparazzi, seen constantly taunting and yelling vulgar obscenities at them,but now it looks like the bad-boy is getting his shot at redemption with a lead role in a new TV drama series.

Hollywood, CA, June 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The ex-Disney star has been the talk of the media the past few months, going from an innocent faced Disney actor to the paparazzi bad boy, with the tabloids following his every move. Most recently, the young star was hospitalized after a scuffle with the paparazzi, receiving 14 stitches to his hand after an altercation with one of the camera men. Now Ryan Zamo, the young actor and singer looks to be getting a fresh start with the new TV drama series Back Stabber

Zamo has officially been cast as one of the starring roles in the new series, with his song "Nothing Remains" taking the spot as the Back Stabber theme song. The new fall drama is set to start production in a few weeks, and has been officially guaranteed to be a series on Netflix, with other networks still bidding on the project. 

Funded by Z Skin Cosmetics, the top selling organic cosmetics company in the world, the new pilot is set to be the next hit drama series in Hollywood. According to E! News, the new tv show is set to shake up TV, with the plot twisting and turning around every direction. With his comeback, Zamo is also co-producing the show, as well as acquiring writing credits and creative control. 

Ryan Zamo has stared in multiple movies, television series and commercials worldwide. His music career has taken off over the past few years, selling records and touring worldwide, and having multiple radio singles. Now his credits will include producing, writing and directing the new hit TV drama series Back Stabber.

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