Federal Air Marshals Vote No Confidence in Agency Director

TRENTON, N.J., June 09, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On June 4, 2015, the Air Marshal Association, Local 1018 of the Communication Workers of America AFL-CIO (AMA/CWA) and its constituent local representatives from around the nation, acting on behalf of approximately 1,700 current Federal Air Marshals, cast a unanimous ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) Director Roderick Allison. FAMS Director Allison also holds the concurrent positions of TSA Deputy Assistant Administrator, and Director of the TSA Office of Law Enforcement.

This action reflects the outrage among Federal Air Marshals and Union leaders that Director Allison has abandoned his primary responsibility of building a workforce of unrivaled anti-terrorism operatives. The AMA has determined that the agency is currently relying on adjusted metrics to justify its existence rather than supporting the development of intelligence, terrorism casework and law enforcement functionality at the agent level. Further, the agency is responsible for fostering a culture of fear through retaliatory practices while claiming to promote accountability.

John Casaretti, President of the AMA/CWA said, “Director Allison has demonstrated that he lacks the requisite skills necessary to correct the human capital problems which are crippling morale and decreasing government efficiency. This unanimous vote is a condemnation of Allison’s leadership, as well as an appeal to Congress for intervention.”

The full text of the AMA/CWA NCV can be found at http://www.amacwa.org/media-room/

About the Air Marshal Association

The Air Marshal Association/CWA Local 1018 is the only labor union representing Federal Air Marshals. We operate out of every FAM Field office and Headquarters, and over half of all Federal Air Marshals are AMA members. The AMA provides comprehensive legal defense services, manages a confidential peer support program, provides financial support to members in need, and funds the charitable AMA Foundation benefitting all FAMs.

Our nationwide network of elected volunteer Delegates are committed to enhancing aviation security, working with agency management to improve policy, and advocating for FAM health and welfare. We are the freely chosen voice of the workgroup, and we continue to collaborate directly with field office managers despite a TSA driven campaign against FAM representation.


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