Dye Injection Kit for Hybrid A/C Systems

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - June 11, 2015) - The Tracerline® TP-9812 Mini-EZ™ Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit provides an easy and efficient way for technicians to add leak detection dye to hybrid vehicles.

The hybrid a/c dye injection kit contains three ¼ oz (7.4 ml) Mini-EZ™ single-dose dye cartridges filled with co-solvent free fluorescent ester dye, formulated with unique additives specifically designed for hybrid A/C systems. Each cartridge is individually wrapped in a moisture-resistant foil pouch with desiccant bag to seal out moisture. Also included is a solid-brass R-134a swivel coupler with check valve and purge fitting, as well as three drip plugs.

Another important component of the dye kit is the EZ-Ject™ dye injector assembly. With just one connection and a simple turn of the handle, it injects dye into a hybrid A/C system with no complicated hookups. There is also no mess to clean up. The injector easily overcomes system pressure and allows the dye to be injected with the system off or running.

Wherever the refrigerant escapes, so does the dye. Simply scan the system with a high-intensity Tracerline® leak detection lamp and the leak site will glow a bright yellow-green to reveal the exact source of all leaks.

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