Diet Doc Offers Documented Medical Diet Programs for Those Prescribed Weight Loss Prior to Receiving Bariatric Surgery

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NEW YORK, June 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For many, bariatric surgery is a great way to lose weight quickly and restore lost health. However, many patients do not realize that before bariatric surgery, those seeking the procedure are very often prescribed an initial weight loss, most commonly 10% of total weight, to be conducted in concord with a documented medical diet program. Since morbidly obese individuals are often actually vitamin and nutrient deficient, surgeons, in an effort to reestablish health before an operation, will impose this preemptive weight loss upon the patient. Once nutrient levels begin to return to a healthy state, physicians will perform the bariatric surgery.

The initial weight loss required before bariatric surgery often poses a difficult hurdle for many suffering from obesity. For many, this initial weight loss requirement will prevent them from ever receiving the life-changing bariatric surgery. For those considering bariatric surgery, Diet Doc offers documented medically supervised diet programs deemed acceptable for preliminary weight loss prior to surgery. The Diet Doc weight loss system is individually designed and tailored around each patient's personal needs, so every patient receives the treatment needed before bariatric surgery.

Many find this initial 10% weight loss before bariatric surgery to be too difficult to accomplish, averting their progress towards receiving the surgery at all.

First, the body's ability to effectively lose weight is already compromised by obesity. Those suffering from obesity, despite being overweight and storing copious amounts of calories, are experiencing dysfunctional nutrient absorption and micro-nutrient deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, while thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, sex hormones, and pancreatic hormones are all negatively impacted.

Studies have shown that there is a medical necessity for obese patients to complete a documented medical diet program, as patients will do far better post-operation if they lose weight and replenish nutrients prior to surgery.

Diet Doc offers medically supervised weight loss to fit any patient, providing a complete weight loss system to help those in need lose up to 20 pounds per month. This means that a person weighing 300 pounds would fulfill their pre-operation 10% weight loss requirement in a month and a half. The Diet Doc weight loss system does not only focus on losing weight quickly however, as it is geared towards restoring nutrient and vitamin levels to a healthy state, which is shown to help patients receiving bariatric surgery recover more quickly and completely.

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