Cartelligent is changing the way consumers buy new cars

Online car buying service has helped tens of thousands skip the dealership


SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It's no secret that most consumers dislike the traditional car buying process. A recent study by Edmunds showed that they would rather do taxes or sit in an airplane middle seat than sit down at a car dealership and negotiate. What fewer people know is that, amid the recent influx of start-ups trying to utilize technology to disrupt the automotive retail space, one company has already found the solution.

"A purely technology based solution can't solve the problem—online-only platforms still force the consumer to go into the dealership and ultimately don't make the customer experience significantly better," explains Cartelligent Founder/President, David Shapiro. "Cartelligent offers a unique combination of technology and human capital that interrupts the client/dealer interface and allows consumers to skip the dealership entirely." This service-based solution gets between the client and the dealership, saving clients time and money, and allowing them to bypass the frustrations of traditional car buying.

Since 2000, Cartelligent has allowed consumers to skip the dealership and get a below market price buying or leasing any new car. Unlike other online car buying solutions that send consumers to a dealership to finalize the transaction, Cartelligent offers each client a personal consultant who walks them through each stage of the process and is there to help them with the paperwork when they pick up the car at a Cartelligent branch at the end of the process.

The car buying and leasing service which is headquartered in Sausalito, CA has additional locations in Silicon Valley, the East Bay, Orange County, and, most recently, Los Angeles. Cartelligent has grown tremendously in the last few years, buoyed by a complete website redesign, a number of strategic marketing initiatives and a steady stream of loyal returning clients and referrals.

"We plan to strategically continue our expansion into new markets," explains Shapiro. "We're excited to offer the Cartelligent service in new markets and keep doing what we do best—helping clients have the best car buying experience of their lives."

About Cartelligent

Since 2000, Cartelligent has helped tens of thousands of people buy or lease any new car. The car buying service provides its clients with personal advice on car buying and leasing, negotiates a below-market price and arranges for the car to be picked up at one of its convenient locations throughout California—without ever needing to set foot in a dealership.


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