Study of Over 200 Retailers Reveals Multichannel Social Use is on the Rise

Facebook still dominates, but growth is slowing

CHICAGO, ILL., June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yes Lifecycle Marketing recently analyzed more than 200 retailers across five major categories – beauty, apparel, big box, electronics, and home goods – and found 91% of retailers now have a presence on two or more social channels.

Using Yes Lifecycle Marketing's proprietary Yesmail Market Intelligence tool, leading retailers' social campaigns were tracked and analyzed across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+. The data showed that apparel brands were the most socially connected with 86 percent present on four channels or more, and 60 percent present on all five tracked channels. Conversely, only 40 percent of electronics brands had a presence on four channels or more.

Of the five categories analyzed, 98 percent of retailers were present on Facebook, 91 percent utilized Twitter, 79 percent used YouTube to further their social communications, and only 43 percent engaged with their consumers via Instagram – despite its 237 percent average follower growth rate.  An interesting takeaway from the study is that while adoption of Facebook and Twitter was nearly universal among retail brands, follower growth rates for both have slowed down.  Only retailers in the big box and home goods categories saw significant Facebook follower growth rates.

"The focus on Facebook made sense years ago, but Yesmail Market Intelligence illustrated how follower growth for that channel has plateaued for most retail categories," said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. "The answer isn't necessarily to shift resources, but rather turn a serious eye to audience preferences and return on social investment. Social media has moved past the experimental phase, and retailers must know their audience and know the ROI of their efforts."

Facebook did lead the pack, with an average of 2.8 million fans per page. Instagram, with the second greatest average audience size of the channels studied, followed with an average of 300,000. Surprisingly, Google+ had an average of 270,000 fans per page; Twitter was inline with 262,000, and YouTube came in last, with 28,000 – less than a tenth of Instagram's average followers.

"Without the proper measurement of marketing efforts, maintaining growth becomes a big challenge," said Mike Iaccarino, CEO and Chairman, Infogroup. "With on-going difficulties in determining social media ROI, brands need innovative solutions like Yesmail Market Intelligence and Social Attribution Intelligence to help them measure and improve their digital campaigns and leverage different channels to increase reach and engagement."

To download the full report, click here. For more information on Market Intelligence and other Intelligence products, click here.

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