ShipTrack Announces Innovative Apple Watch Integration in Smartphone Application

ShipTrack, Shipment Tracking Platform, Extends Value With Apple Watch Integration

Plantagenet, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, Ontario, June 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ShipTrack, an innovative shipment tracking platform designed to provide complete visibility and control of any shipment's movement worldwide, announces an integration for the Apple Watch.

Supporting a broad range of industry verticals moving items of any type from Point A to Point B, whether it be retail and wholesale goods, legal documentation or medical supplies using in-house delivery services or third-party suppliers, ShipTrack has been designed to make it easier than ever to provide real-time and accurate reporting on any shipment.

Workers who are handling shipments and are equipped with an Apple Watch receive notifications with gentle taps on the wrist, audio alerts and on-screen prompts guiding the way through functions of the ShipTrack App on the iPhone. Once paired, users will automatically receive prompts on your Apple Watch via nearby transmitting iPhone.

The ShipTrack vision is centered on simplifying your business. The Apple Watch makes wearable computing part of our everyday life and offers to ShipTrack and its users an additional interface to interact. Users will have a convenient, hands-free way of interacting with the application while moving any shipment across the globe. ShipTrack has been available on the Apple Watch since its launch so workers can get immediate and pertinent information with a simple glance at their wrist.

"With the release of the Apple Watch, it has become clear that wearable devices will be one of the many new trends that customers will have at their disposal to perform the tasks and activities associated with their daily work responsibilities." says Andy Dunn, VP of Product Development at ShipTrack. "Making our applications compatible with these types of devices is strategically important to our product vision. We made a conscious effort to eliminate many of the major roadblocks that prevent many carriers from implementing an online shipping tracker. Live messaging and notification right from any wrist with the ShipTrack App for the Apple Watch. The ShipTrack App seamlessly connects to dispatchers and drivers networks to improve delivery reliability, accuracy and speed."

The ShipTrack App with supporting features for the Apple Watch is now available for download on iTunes today and more information can be found at

About ShipTrack

ShipTrack is an innovative logistics management platform that provides complete control and visibility of any shipment's movement worldwide. ShipTrack enables vendors all over the world to provide complete visibility and control that their customers demand of their deliveries. ShipTrack is a simple, easy-to-use service that is providing highly accurate shipment tracking to the masses. The shipping system has the potential to benefit companies of all sizes by increasing delivery speed and reliability, improving customer service and retention and streamlining operations. The ShipTrack smartphone app is a real-time shipment tracker that allows for easy management of multiple drivers, deployment of a fully branded web portal, and the collection of valuable reports and business metrics.

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