RnB Live Hollywood partners with FilmOn and Hologram USA on exclusive BET Awards pre-party June 24

stars set to attend bash at Beso as kick off to a partnership that will live stream holograms of the ultimate R & B insider's party

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., June 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greek billionaire Alki David's companies FilmOn Networks and Hologram USA announced today they have partnered with RnB Live Hollywood to sponsor the legendary R & B insiders' weekly party and stream it across multiple platforms. The partnership kicks off with R n B Live's exclusive red carpet BET pre-party bash on Wednesday, June 24th at Eva Longoria's restaurant Beso in Hollywood.

This is RnB Live's 7th Annual Red Carpet Pre-BET Awards Party & Live Show and past events have hosted the likes of Magic Johnson, P Diddy, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ne-yo, Brian McKnight, Queen Latifah, Robin Thicke LaBron James, Jay Z, Tyres, Jamie Foxx and many more.

The deal was signed by Greg Lites, Ted Dozier, and Felipe Darrell, the founders of R n B Live Hollywood, as well as Alki David and music business legend Craig Nobles, who will act as executive producer for FilmOn on the project.

RnB Live Hollywood has been running since 2008, combining the founders' 25 plus years in the music business with fine dining, an 8 piece band and access to the top artists in the world to create exclusive, unforgettable experiences. The caliber of talent performing, attending, and jumping on stage for surprise sets (as Prince did recently) is unsurpassed. The BET Pre-Party is invite only.

Soon the one-of-a-kind experiences at RnB Live Hollywood will be able to be shared as pay-per-view and live streams via Alki Davd's FilmOn.com as well as via live events in soon to be revealed venues in cities across America via Hologram USA's patented technology. The content will also be made available via David's MondoTunes, the biggest digital distribution platform which puts artists' music and independent film into the top digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon and 600 more.

"This is the first of a series of live music projects we'll be announcing." said Craig Nobles, who will executive produce the project for FilmOn Networks. "We're very excited about the BET Pre-Awards Party."

FilmOn.com is the world's largest internet television provider with over 600 streaming stations, tens of thousands of on demand films, and 71 million monthly unique users worldwide. Hologram USA owns the sole North America patent to the MHD technology that produces holograms—from Tupac Shakur to upcoming projects featuring Ray Charles and other R & B and Hip Hop stars.


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