WealthBar Partners With Nicola Wealth Management to Open Private Management Pooled to Mainstream Investors in Canada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - June 24, 2015) - WealthBar Financial Services Inc. ("WealthBar"), Canada's first full-service online portfolio management and financial advisory service, today announced its partnership with Nicola Wealth Management, a private wealth management firm from Vancouver, BC. The partnership will leverage WealthBar's robo advisor technology and Nicola Wealth Management's established funds and investment strategy, which are typically reserved for high-net worth's, to make pooled fund investing accessible to everyday Canadians.

"We are proud to offer Nicola Wealth Management's funds to our client base," said Tea Nicola, co-founder and CEO of WealthBar. "This collaboration opens doors for our clients, their diverse financial needs, and gives them access to investing opportunities that were traditionally reserved for high-net worth individuals. Investors from first time millennials to retirees will see the benefit of this new service offering."

Nicola Wealth Management's core composite aligns with three core aspects of investment management - broad diversification of assets, low volatility, and cash flow. It provides access to investments such as private equity and real estate limited partnerships. These can be advantageous and play into strengthening an individual's portfolio returns even in the face of a bear market.

"Investing in this manner will result in three things that positively influence investor returns: reduced volatility, consistent cash flow, and low management fees," explained Chris Nicola, co-founder and CTO of WealthBar. "We've heard consumer feedback, especially from the pre-retiree community that they are looking for funds that provide them with a strong rate of return while reducing their exposure to risk. This partnership with Nicola Wealth will do exactly that. Not only is there a proven track record of success, but our clients will also have access to their own advisors, who can help guide them through their investment strategies."

Nicola Wealth has over 20 years of historical proven returns for their investor portfolios and manages almost $4B in assets. "We believe the online advisory model, and specifically WealthBar, presents a strong case for the modern investor," said John Nicola CEO of Nicola Wealth Management. "It's a smart move for both companies to work together for the greater good of our investors, and one that is only going to present more investment opportunities for the average Canadian."

The partnership compliments WealthBar's broad range of services including full-service investment management and financial planning, an online account, access to a personal advisor, and low minimum investment balances.

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WealthBar is Canada's only full-service online financial advisory service. It offers diversified portfolios of low-cost ETF's, insurance and financial advice for substantially less than traditional advisors. Combining innovative technology with real financial advisors, WealthBar's online model brings private wealth management to any investor for less than half the cost.

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Nicola Wealth Management is a premier wealth planning firm offering high net worth professionals and business owners a comprehensive approach that integrates sophisticated financial planning, efficient tax structuring, and multi-faceted portfolio management.

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