Blab Announces Predictive Campaigning

Eliminate Stale Cookie Pools. Instead Combine Selected IAB Categories With Targeted and Segmented Audience Interest to Immediately Surface What's 'Hot and Trending' Within Those Audience Interests as They Emerge, Not After

SEATTLE, June 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blab Inc., the marketer's crystal ball and the only predictive analytics tool that predicts meaningful and relevant online conversations up to 72 hours in advance, today announced Predictive Campaigning that enables companies to laser focus customers with timely content "in the moment." This maps to consumer behavior and intent that is predicted to happen, not behavior or intent has already happened in the past.

The more you know about consumers "in the moment", the better they can be targeted with timely content. The challenge has been translating this massive unstructured dataset to targeting. To create a qualified lead, social data must be classified into interests that intersect a category and target segment. And it has to predict what will trend to uncover immediacy of interest.

To date, psychographic profiling has been the best way to determine this. However this is based on past history which most likely is out of date, and which ultimately creates a stale cookie pool. Consumers are passionate about their interests, and thus even the most consistent and reliable advocate for a brand isn't a single-minded person at all times.

Predictive Campaigning eliminates the dilemma of working with stale cookie pools. Instead marketers can combine selected IAB categories with targeted and segmented audience interest to immediately surface what's 'hot and trending' —within those audience interests as they emerge, not after. It then predicts the resonance by time and channel. This allows marketers to meet prospects in the right moment and in the best channel with the most engaging ads, promotions or content.

"The closer to real-time you are, the more you know your target's current motivations. However this is typically based on tactical searches which don't necessary drive the effectiveness of brand campaign targeting. Consumers search for information in a dispassionate way. By contrast, consumers follow and engage with their interests and passions on social and digital channels and are more likely to engage with or add commentary on subjects that resonate with them. It is more "in the moment" and timely. That's what Predictive Campaigning delivers," said Blab CEO Randy Browning.

Similar to how Google indexes information and Facebook maps social connections, with Blab brands can discover the contextually relevant conversations their audiences are participating in, and predict the dynamic path of conversations as well as when, where, and how to engage. By leveraging predictive conversation insights, marketers can adjust, change, optimize and personalize everything from ad spend and content, to engagement and communications tactics. This is a breakthrough for marketers tasked with generating ROI for their campaigns, content and digital media buying activities.

Blab is used by Fortune 1000 companies in industries including consumer packaged goods, automotive, consumer electronics, and technology.

About BlabPredicts

Blab is a pioneer in the category of Predictive Social Intelligence. Blab applies proprietary technology and big data processing to organize, pattern, and predict tomorrow's online conversations today. Brands rely on BlabPredicts to understand what matters now, and predict what will matter next, giving businesses the predictive intelligence they need to adapt strategies, maximize opportunities, and minimize threats. For more information please visit


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