Major Crisis For New Hit Netflix Series

The new show is facing cancelation after a bombshell rocked the entire production

pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Hollywood, CA, June 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Netflix has changed the world of television and movies with its online streaming capabilities. The company stock NFLX has become the most successful stock this year, beating out the Dow-Jones stock DJI by almost 300%. With over 75 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix has gone on to become the start-of-the-end for the era of cable subscribers. 

The show "Back Stabber" has been under seize by the worlds largest corporations. The series is being produced by a group of young philanthropists, whose mission is to help stop corporate monopolies and help stimulate the local economy. After releasing their ad spots, the show became the lowest ad spots in history, the producers commented, "We will only allow small businesses to take the international ad spots, we want to help the backbone of our country which consists of the small and local businesses, not help a huge corporation continue to take over the world." 

Furthermore, the hit Netflix Series "Back Stabber" has offically lost its lead actor after shooting 90% of the show, resulting in complete chaos as the producers are scrambling to fill the lead role,so they can go back and re-shoot the show. Written by and staring Ryan Zamo, the highly succesful actor and singer, Back Stabber is now the most anticipated new show coming to Netflix this fall.

Being backed by Z Skin Cosmetics, the #1 affordable organic skincare and haircare company,"Back Stabber" is currently on hold to be released on Netflix via the producers filling the leading role. 


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