South Florida Gas Selects TankLink to Monitor Over 1000 Underground Residential Tanks

Leading Florida Propane Company Installs TankLink to Improve Delivery Efficiency and Customer Service

CHICAGO, June 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TankLink, a leader in wireless remote tank monitoring and tank data analytics, today announced that South Florida Gas Company has chosen TankLink to provide remote monitoring and analytics for over 1000 underground residential propane tanks. The TankLink solution was chosen because it solved a complex business situation involving technology advances, communication challenges and cost effective monitoring hardware leading to cost reductions for the customer.

South Florida Gas supplies many upscale residential neighborhoods, often second homes, where the propane tank (used for heating pools/spas, outdoor cooking and home heating) is underground. Any equipment attached to the tank must be installed under the cover for easy installation and access, and for protection, but it still has to be able to communicate with nearby cell towers. TankLink solved all of South Florida Gas’ challenges with quality monitoring hardware using cellular technology to transmit tank level data to the office and the driver.

“We know that some of our customers have tanks in unique environments that might prevent them from reaping the benefits of wireless remote monitoring to improve business efficiencies. After meeting with South Florida Gas we were able to develop a solution to meet their specific needs,” said Pat Barron, VP and General Manager of TankLink. “Additionally, with ProLink, our subscription-based Data Service, South Florida Gas was able to quickly adopt the solution with no upfront equipment cost.”

The TankLink Prophet magnetic mount monitor and antenna is easily installed under the tank cover, with a unique L-shaped Hall Effect sensor solution. The wireless device is out of sight and out of harm’s way and the cellular signal is able to penetrate through to nearby cell towers.

Since installing the TankLink solution, South Florida Gas has reduced their delivery trips by more than 50% because of the ability to remotely monitor their propane tanks to determine which tanks actually need service. With access to reliable tank data, the company has significantly lowered its operating costs and improved the efficiency of its service fleet.

“At South Florida Gas reliability and customer care are our priority. TankLink’s solution helps us improve that level of service by ensuring that we know exactly how much propane to deliver, where and when, so our customers never run out,” said Chuck Robb, President/CEO South Florida Gas Company, Inc. “Plus, installation is so simple and easy, all of my drivers can do it without any technical expertise saving us time and money. Since we now make deliveries only when we know they’re needed we can service more customers with the same resources.”

For years, TankLink has been helping propane distributors optimize their operating efficiency through remote tank monitoring, and gain maximum control over propane distribution, collection and overall vessel management. Now with ProLink, it is even easier to get started through minimal financial outlay and the inclusion of free battery replacement. To learn more about TankLink’s propane solutions and ProLink, visit

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