Master Lock Reminds Parents and Students to Keep Safety and Security at the Top of Their Back-to-School Checklist

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwired - Jul 6, 2015) - While 40 percent of parents indicate they are concerned that their child may have items lost or stolen at school, only 25 percent say they purchased security products to keep these items safe.* With textbooks, binders and notebooks galore, the back-to-school list can become a long one. Master Lock is kicking off the back-to-school shopping season by reminding parents and students to keep security at the top of their checklist. 

"With the increasing number of students bringing their smartphones and laptops with them to school, it is becoming more imperative than ever to make sure these valuables are properly secured," said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing for Master Lock. "We want to remind parents and students of ways to protect and safeguard their devices and themselves throughout the school year."

Lock It Up
Whether in class or at an afterschool activity, Master Lock is providing these tips to help keep valuables secure at school.

1. Lock Your Locker: Always secure your hallway and gym lockers with a padlock to safeguard your personal belongings. The 1500iD Speed Dial™ Set-Your-Own Combination Lock offers the ultimate, portable high-security combination lock solution. Its innovative design opens with a combination of directional movements, providing students speed and ease of use. It is also ideal for visually impaired students as users don't need to see the lock to open it. Make sure to keep your combination private and unique, and do not share your combination to avoid stolen, tampered or damaged belongings.

2. Secure Your Backpack: Whether hanging on a classroom hook or stored underneath a desk, students' backpacks and duffle bags not only contain schoolwork, but also valuable items, including smartphones, laptops, MP3s, money, wallets, etc. Securing your backpack or duffle bag with a lock, such as the Master Lock 1550DAST Backpack Lock will help deter possible theft, and will help provide added protection.

3. Protect Your Tech: In today's digital world, more students are bringing their tech devices to school with cell phones and laptops among the top valuables.*

  • Ideal for on-the-go security, the Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace helps keep your smaller electronic valuables -- cell phones and MP3s -- stored securely to safeguard against theft and other vulnerabilities. Featuring a durable cable, the Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace can be wrapped around a fixed object or used as a carrying handle.
  • For students living on or off campus, securing your laptop in a safe, such as the Sentry Safe PL048E Portable Laptop Safe, will give you peace of mind while you're away from your dorm or apartment. To further avoid possible theft, do not leave your personal belongings unsupervised while out and about on campus or at school. 

Prepare and Protect
A new school year can mean new safety precautions parents should consider as their children move into a different grade. Forty-two percent of parents are somewhat to very concerned about their child's safety while at school.* Master Lock recommends these tips to ease parents' minds and help assure children experience a safe school environment.

  • Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself and your child with the school's emergency protocols and contact information usually available in classrooms or on the school's website. Find out how often the school performs safety drills for emergency situations, and emphasize the importance of these practices to your child. When sending your child off to college, speak to the Student Affairs office to get information on crime and safety measures. If available, make sure you and your child sign up for crime alerts via email and text message to stay updated on campus safety.
  • Internet Usage: Internet access is becoming more available in schools, and more students are spending their time online. Although the Internet is a great source, not all information on the Internet is appropriate for teens and young adults. Whether it's in school or at home, talk to your child about what they do online -- what sites they use, who they chat with and what they are searching. Explain cyberbullying, and implement safe practices for using the Internet, such as securing passwords, user names and other digital assets in the Master Lock Vault. The Master Lock Vault is a free, digital safe deposit box that provides a safe and secure solution for storing important information for easy access from any smart phone or computer.
  • Talking Safety: Reinforce, reiterate and remind your child of safety precautions. Explain what to do if they do not feel safe, and make certain your child knows how to contact you and another family member or a family friend in an emergency situation. 

For more back-to-school safety tips, visit the Master Lock website or connect with Master Lock on social via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

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*According to a March 2015 Safety and Security Survey of more than 1,500 U.S. and Canadian residents conducted by Master Lock via SurveyMonkey.

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