Independent Digital Music Distribution Goes Major: MondoTunes joins Anakando Media Group

The worlds largest digital music distributor merges with Alki David's massive media empire to put more firepower in the hands of artists

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., July 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anakando Media Group announced today that it has acquired a large stake in MondoTunes, the world's largest digital music distributor serving independent artists of all kinds. MondoTunes provides a one-stop shop to access iTunes, Amazon, Beats, Spotify and over 600 online stores around the globe, including exclusive access within China. The platform truly gives independent artists the strength of a major label release. It's a one-of-a-kind opportunity for artists to increase revenue on a global scale while maintaining 100% control of their ownership. MondoTunes also provides special packages to provide marketing support.

Anakando has also announced that it will also use the technology and expertise the Mondo team has developed to launch MondoVideo. Serving indie filmmakers and video content creators, the platform will also distribute original programming created by Anakando's FilmOn Originals, and Hologram USA as well as the largest privately held film library in the world.

"With MondoTunes we really are democratizing the world of music—giving tools to artists that let them operate at the same level as an artist with a major label," said Alki David, CEO of Anakando Media Group. "And the platform will work together with our other divisions—FilmOn, Hologram USA and Class 15—to expand the reach even further."

The MondoTunes platform will soon be completely relaunched with a new user experience and an innovative subscription model to better serve artists.

"We're extremely excited to join forces with Anakando. This partnership enables us to accelerate the implementation of a disruptive model that will modernize the digital music space." Said Javan Mershad, Co-CEO of MondoTunes. "The deal ultimately positions MondoTunes as the most dominant global source for independent artists worldwide."

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Tom Paul Jones: 310-383-4991

About Anakando Media Group:

The Anakando Media Group, is a rapidly expanding collection of integrated digital media companies, all calibrated to make the most of both its proprietary technology platforms, and its vast content capabilities.

These companies operate in several digital spheres—both in licensing the platforms to third parties, providing turnkey services to consumers and clients, thus maximizing exploitation of the intellectual property that Anakando owns, creates, acquires or licenses.

Anakando's integrated businesses include: the world's largest privately owned film and television library; patented entertainment technologies in hologram projection systems; FilmOn Networks, the world's largest live streaming TV and VOD platform; Cable television channels in the USA and Europe; the world's largest independent digital distribution platform for music and video, MondoTunes; Advanced social media marketing platforms that include Class15 and Advirally; B2B digital content production services and consumer facing Web TV services.

FilmOn Networks, the globally accessible IPTV platform which serves over 70 Million unique visitors each month, and Hologram USA, the company that develops digital resurrection performances, in collaboration with the management and estates of celebrities from the world of entertainment, politics and sports. HUSA also creates game changing telepresence opportunities for living entertainers and politicians.

Anakando also owns the world's largest privately held collection of movies and TV shows which includes the respected Hemdale, Cannon, Allied and Cinebx libraries. Over 30,000 film negatives are constantly being restored and digitally re-mastered at a state-of-the-art facility in Irvine, CA.

In 2013, the company's FilmOn subsidiary established a significant strategic alliance with Chinese company Lenovo Group Ltd., the world's largest personal computer manufacturer and third largest 'smart connected device' maker. The FilmOn TV app is now preloaded on every PC distributed by Lenovo globally, which at the company's reported run rate in July 2014, will amount to approximately 100 million.

Anakando is registered as an offshore holding company in the British Virgin Islands. In addition to the corporate headquarters in London, the company has offices and technical infrastructure, satellite uplink, and production studios in the United States, Switzerland and Ukraine.

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