Total Economic Impact Study Demonstrates 212% Return on Investment With Avangate's Digital Commerce Platform

Key Benefits Observed Include Reduction in Revenue Leakage and Faster Time to Market

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - July 10, 2015) - Avangate, the modern Digital Commerce solution provider trusted by thousands of Software, SaaS and Online Services companies to grow their business worldwide, announced today that a Total Economic Impact study commissioned by Avangate and conducted by Forrester Consulting demonstrated a 212 percent return on investment for users of the Avangate Digital Commerce Platform.

Avangate commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study examining the potential return on investment that enterprises can achieve by deploying the Avangate Digital Commerce Platform. To get an understanding of the benefits, costs and risks associated with implementing the Avangate Digital Commerce Platform, Forrester interviewed an existing customer with multiple years of experience using Avangate.

The customer confirmed that the Digital Commerce Platform helped it start selling in 34 countries in the first year of usage alone. This global expansion, combined with revenue leakage reduction capabilities, marketing tools, and international order support centers, meant that Avangate provided the company with a 212 percent return on its initial investment in the commerce solution.

Key benefits observed and captured within the study include:

  • 25% reduction in revenue leakage
  • The time to enter a new market compressed from 18 months to three weeks
  • Significant cost savings from offloading order and fraud support and localization as well as from consolidating the management of multiple sales channels
  • Net benefit: $5 million, over a period of three years

"We didn't want to weed out the fraud sales at the expense of also eliminating a significant number of legitimate sales. Our existing tools were not a good solution.[…] Avangate got us selling into 33 different language markets… and we don't even have to deal with PCI compliance or local tax reporting in all these new regions," declared the VP of eCommerce from the software company interviewed for the TEI.

"Forrester's TEI study validates that Avangate delivers a significant return on investment by providing benefits such as fast time to market, superior customer acquisition and retention, and instant global reach," noted Carl Theobald, CEO of Avangate.

To further examine the economic impact of Avangate, Forrester's Henry Huang, TEI Project Director, will join Avangate's VP of Product Marketing and Alliances Raj Badarinath on July 14th as a guest speaker for a webinar dedicated to the TEI study.

The webinar provides a framework for evaluating the potential financial impact of Avangate's Digital Commerce Platform on an organization, and describes how to leverage Avangate's Commerce tools to achieve the fastest path to revenue, maximize client value, and expand global reach.

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