1&1 Unveils a New Generation of Cloud Servers to US Market

Developed to facilitate migration to the Cloud for small- and medium-sized business as well as developers, the new 1&1 Cloud Server combines state of the art technical functionalities, such as SSD storage by default, and ease of use in a flexible, efficient and high performance environment.


PHILADELPHIA, Pa., July 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 1 &1 Internet, Inc. (www.1and1.com), a global leader among Web hosts, today announces the launch of its new 1 &1 Cloud Server line in the United States. Now companies, developers and integrators looking to move their Web projects and business applications to a flexible and efficient environment can take advantage of impressive functionalities and ease-of-use with this new Cloud solution. 1 &1 Cloud Server is also well placed to satisfy existing Cloud users who wish to work within a fully flexible and affordable environment.

Deployed within 55 seconds of configuration, professional users can take control of the hardware and software infrastructure in real time. The intuitive and user-friendly dashboard enables users to activate and manage Cloud servers, storage systems and connectivity solutions such as firewalls, load balancers and backup. As projects evolve and resource demands change, adjustments to the configuration can be made with just one click. 1 &1 Cloud Server also incorporates the latest technologies, like SSD storage, by default through a Storage Area Network (SAN) guaranteeing greater reliability and better performance for projects and hosted data.

Also available, application templates for WordPress, Drupal and Magento can be preinstalled to simplify and accelerate the launch of new projects.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO 1 &1 Internet Inc., comments, "Many small- and medium-sized businesses consider Cloud solutions but, until now, a Cloud service was not available that met their expectations for security, flexibility and usability. Addressing the needs of SMBs, 1 &1's Cloud Server is an easy and simple Cloud solution with outstanding performance. Besides our extensive feature set, we also deliver a very affordable entry price."

Packages at a Glance

The 1 &1 Cloud Server Flex offers a flexible package for SMBs that need specific use cases, for example seasonal businesses, which require a high demand of a certain resource.

Those looking for a solution with fixed resources will want to consider one of the four pre-configured 1 &1 Cloud Server packages. With a lower entry price and settings established for immediate use, customers can choose from different package sizes (M – XXL) which range in RAM, vCores, and storage space.

For those unsure of which Cloud option is ideal for their individual needs, below is a guide to help make the best decision:

-          1 &1 Cloud Server Medium – Testing and small projects.
-          1 &1 Cloud Server Large – Small- and medium-sized websites.
-          1 &1 Cloud Server X Large – Online shops and database applications.
-          1 &1 Cloud Server XX Large – Extensive and challenging projects.

Positive Market Perceptions

Cloud Spectator, a global analyst agency headquartered in the US and specialized in key Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) benchmarks including performance and pricing, recently reviewed the 1 &1 Cloud Server. In the evaluation, the analysts compared the 1 &1 Cloud Server with solutions of four other market players and focused on virtual machine (VM) performance. More specifically, the agency looked at the raw performance and price-performance value of several VMs of varying sizes. The findings show that the 1 &1 Cloud Server provides a superior level of performance, price-indexed performance and price-performance value throughout the course of the study. The 1 &1 Cloud Server proved to offer the highest performance on vCPU and storage tests while ranking the most stable overall performance.

"1 &1 approached us to help evaluate their new 1 &1 Cloud Server as it goes to market," said Danny Gee, Senior Analyst at Cloud Spectator. "We found the new offering to be very competitive from both a performance and price-performance standpoint. 1 &1 was able to consistently provide higher CPU and disk speeds for the server configurations we tested. 1 &1 delivers high-performance and is capable of competing with the major players worldwide."

Robert Hoffmann adds: "The results of the Cloud Spectator survey underline the feedback we have received. It is highly satisfying to now have this reconfirmed from a third-party benchmark. We are elated that the results highlight the great quality of our product and confirm the best-in-class performance 1 &1 delivers with its Cloud Server."

The advanced technical functionalities and flexibility of the new 1 &1 Cloud Server is supported by a payment system with the option to pay for use by the minute (starting from $0.00037/minute) or monthly ($9.99/month for a basic configuration). This enables professional users to monitor their infrastructure from both a technical and a financial perspective and adjust as quickly as necessary. In addition, full transparency is guaranteed in order to control the costs at a specific time and forecast the whole month.

1 &1's new Cloud Server replaces and improves 1 &1's Dynamic Cloud Server, enhancing performance by applying the latest technologies, such as SSD (Solid-State Drive) and SAN storage. It also includes countless new technical features: centralized firewall rule setting for all virtual machines, load balancers, integrated backup, KVM Console to access the server as if it was physically on your desktop, and hot-add resize to increase resources without downtime.

A blogpost introducing the study from Cloud Spectator is available here.

More information about the product is available at: http://www.1and1.com/dynamic-cloud-server.

A photo accompanying this release is available at: http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=34422

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