WebRTC Exposes Major Changes to Business Communication: TokBox Report

Research With Deloitte Uncovers Key Drivers of Business to Business Communications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 13, 2015) - New technology is driving a new wave of communication and collaboration within and between businesses, according to a new report released by TokBox with research from Deloitte Digital. The report uncovered new communications models that are driving increased collaboration, efficiency and sales:

1) See what I see: Real-time video communication tools can be used to support workers working on-site. Sharing what you can see means that another user can offer step-by-step instructions and support in fixing a problem, be it in engineering, construction, or facilities management.

2) Informed decision-making: If you can exchange information in real time, you can plan better, and make better decisions. Real-time communication tools such as instant messenger and video enable this. If multi-disciplinary teams working in disparate locations can share information quickly and easily, they are in a better position to make informed decisions. Enhanced collaboration means better knowledge exchange, and quicker decision making.

3) No strings attached: Face-to-face meetings aren't always possible, but there are times when it is vital to sustain quality working relationships. Using communication tools to keep the conversation going beyond formal meetings enhances trust, and makes it easier to get things done. Video can make it easier to maintain long-distance partnerships and develop the relationships that make business flow.

Business to business communications are driven by very different motives and have different context to even business to consumer and especially friends/family discussions. The relationships, context and content drive different requirements and new applications and use cases have developed in response.

This new research highlights that business to business communications are driven either by the desire to sell something or the drive to get things done. New technologies, primarily the rise of WebRTC and mobile connectivity, have given rise to the evolution of these new voice and video-based communication models.

Scott Lomond, TokBox CEO, commented on the findings: "As companies become increasingly global and flexible, many are looking at how to evolve their communications to help people make valuable connections within the specific context of what they are trying to achieve."

"This very goal-oriented approach means that businesses are now looking for communications solutions that are flexible, mobile, and integrated, that deliver efficiency, help project teams make better decisions, and manage multiple temporary relationships. These solutions are increasingly integrated into workflow, projects or customer relationship management applications, where video in many cases is the ideal ingredient to enhance functionality," Mr Lomond said.

The TokBox report, which provides guidance and insights for organizations looking to implement business to business communication applications, is available for download at www.tokbox.com/whitepaper.

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