JACQUET Midwest Now Offering 5-Axis Water Jet Cutting Services

Wisconsin Metal Service Center Installs 21'X13' Jet Edge EDGE X-5(R) 5-Axis Waterjet with Dual Cutting Heads

RACINE, Wis., July 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jet Edge Inc. announces that JACQUET Midwest has installed a dual head 5-axis Jet Edge EDGE X-5® waterjet cutting system at its metal processing facility in Racine, Wisconsin.

The EDGE X-5 is JACQUET Midwest's third Jet Edge system and JACQUET's 13th Jet Edge waterjet nationwide. JACQUET plans to use the new system to provide beveling and chamfering services to its customers in the Midwest as well as nationwide through its five regional service centers.

The waterjet system features a 21' X 13' work envelope which enables the metal service center to process full 8'x20' or 10'x20' plates. Its dual 5-axis cutting heads double their production and are capable of cutting precise 3D parts from virtually any material, including bevels up to 50°. Powered by a 60,000 psi 100 hp Jet Edge iP60-100 intensifier pump, the ball-screw driven waterjet system has the best repeatability in the industry at +/- .001". The system also has submerged or above-water cutting capabilities as well as a proprietary plate mapping feature that allows precise nozzle-to-plate standoff.

"We're really excited to bring the Jet Edge dual head 5-axis waterjet into our facility," said Dan Chatterton, JACQUET Midwest CEO. "With the precision that we'll be able to achieve with the 5-axis taper control machine, we can provide a tighter tolerance part from the top edge to the bottom edge of the part, eliminating a lot of the machining. It allows us to do much more for our customers; we can bevel cut, taper control, and chamfer holes on both the top and bottom edges of the material."

Chatterton noted that JACQUET has always equipped its service centers with large gantries to better serve its customers. When JACQUET decided to add a 5-axis system, it distinguished itself even further by offering the rare capability of dual 5-axis cutting services.

"All of the machines in the JACQUET system are large table machines because of the large plate sizes that we buy mill direct allowing us to be more efficient with our cuts, have longer run cuts and have better nesting," he said. "Our dual 5-axis system is going to provide an even higher level of service to our customers, allowing them to look to JACQUET for all of their cutting needs."

A subsidiary of JACQUET Mid Atlantic, which is a subsidiary of Jacquet Metals of Lyon Saint Priest, France, JACQUET Midwest is one of five JACQUET metal service centers in the United States. The company also has service centers in Pottstown, Pennsylvania; Carson, California; Pineville, North Carolina; and Houston, Texas. JACQUET recently acquired the Rolark Group service centers in Canada, with subsidiaries in Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal.

JACQUET specializes in supplying and processing stainless steel and nickel alloys for OEMS, fabricators and machine shops that support primarily the oil and gas, power generation, pollution control systems and water purification industries. JACQUET's North American service centers provide waterjet and plasma part cutting. The company stocks 19 different grades of stainless steel and nickel alloy plates in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses.

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