Coding Dojo Announces $250k Social Innovation Fund and Scholarship to Inspire Impact

Awarded to Individuals Who Want to Use Coding Skills to Impact Greater Good, Inspire Change

SEATTLE, July 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coding Dojo, a 12-week coding accelerator with campus locations in Seattle, San Jose and Los Angeles, is launching a $250k social innovation fund that will award Impact Scholarships to individuals who want to learn coding to impact the greater good, or to inspire significant change in their own lives. Each scholarship granted will cover up to 90 percent of tuition costs for the on-site program.

"It's been said time and time again that having programming skills can land you a six-figure job. What's less recognized, is how coding can be used as a powerful tool to facilitate positive change in the world," said Richard Wang, CEO of Coding Dojo.

The first round of Impact Scholarships have been awarded to Redlight Traffic, a Seattle-based non-profit helping communities combat and deal with the impact and effects of human trafficking.

In partnership with Coding Dojo and the Social Innovation Fund, Redlight Traffic will help female survivors of human trafficking get back on their feet through Coding Dojo's accelerated skills training and job readiness. The award will support trafficking survivors in gaining stability in their lives and in becoming active, innovative contributors in the tech community. Redlight Traffic's President and Executive Director, Amin Haq, will personally complete Coding Dojo's program to better understand how Redlight Traffic can support survivors through the training and securing a job in the tech community.

"Our ultimate goal is to partner with local and national corporations and non-profits to create a sustainable model of change," said Katie Bouwkamp, Director of Communications and Partnerships at Coding Dojo. "The power of education comes into play when it can benefit the individuals who need it the most. In just a matter of months we can equip people from all walks of life with skills to make an immediate and long-lasting impact in their own lives, and in the greater community."

"We are thrilled to partner with Coding Dojo and the Seattle community in creating new possibilities for survivors of human trafficking," declares Amin Haq. "We hope to expand this partnership to include the Seattle tech community and local businesses. Together, we will actively support talented women in accessing valuable futures in technology."

To learn more or to apply for the Impact Scholarship please visit To contribute to the Social Innovation Fund at a business or individual level; or to inquire about sponsoring an award through the Social Innovation Fund, please contact Katie Bouwkamp at To get involved in supporting survivors of human trafficking in technology, please contact Jessica Smith at

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