26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Continues To Reach International Success Through Do-It-Yourself Business Strategies

The young entrepreneur has found immense success, proving that DIY is a powerful business strategy.

Los Angeles, CA, July 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Already becoming an international brand in the organic skincare industry in under a year, 26-year-old entrepreneur Ryan Zamo is now publishing his own book, adding to his incredible international success story. The 26-year-old has captured worldwide headlines with his organic skincare, hair care and mineral makeup lines, has won multiple awards around the world, and has been named as the #1 product by major publications.

The newest adventure for the 26-year-old DIY master is his self-written and published book "Your Pantries Secret To Flawless Skin", the title is play on words to his multi-award-winning organic cosmetic company 'Z Skin Cosmetics' slogan; "Natures Secret To Flawless Skin".  The book features recipes and organic secrets to perfecting hair and skin, using ancient traditions passed on by his parents who were well rooted in the use of organics, Zamo commented "The excitement that I had from learning just how well organic herbs and oils work for your skin, is what I am trying to capture in my book, its actually really interesting to learn how much the things in your pantry can improve your skin and hair. Also, its cheap, easy and fun to do."

Zamo's new book, will feature DIY organic hair and skin treatments that can be created with ingredients from a kitchen pantry including; face washes, shampoo, facemasks, body wash, soaps and more. The young entrepreneur has already commenced his do-it-yourself business strategies in an effort to secure distribution, saying,  "All it takes is a few phone calls and knocking on a few doors. I truly feel that going in person, or actually talking one-on-one over the phone, is the best way to convey my excitement for the new book." 

Launched in late 2014, the young entrepreneur has skyrocketed to the top of the organic cosmetics industry with his company Z Skin Cosmetics. The company hit international sales at an astronomical rate, Zamo said, "I am the only person in Z Skin Cosmetics, my products are made by hand, bottled, labeled and shipped by me. I also do graphic designing, and the packaging and labeling is created from my computer, I taught myself web design as well as marketing and advertising, so I wear a lot of hats for the company."  The products have won awards around the world, been featured in top magazines and have caught the eye of major TV and radio talk shows.

The days of the traveling salesman may be a thing of the past, but Ryan Zamo has proven that the strategy will never die; he commented, "I guess my success has come from a little bit of hard work and a positive attitude, though I always said, "If you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself"."

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