Chief Keef Stop The Killing Now Hologram Benefit Concert set for Saturday, July 25

Defying Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Alki David backed live show will be presented at a secret location in downtown Chicago and online at

Beverly Hills, California, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, July 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Despite Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's efforts to dictate what music his constituents can listen to, Greek billionaire Alki David has locked in plans for Chief Keef to appear live in downtown Chicago by hologram on July 25th at 10 pm. The location is being kept secret because of past efforts by city officials to keep the charity event from happening. It will also live stream free with donations accepted at

Both the live concert and the presentation will raise money for the families of murdered rapper Capo and baby Dillan Harris. Chief Keef and Alki David will match all money raised and donate to the families and select charities involved in the Stop the Violence movement on Chicago's South Side. The show is being produced by David's companies, FilmOn Networks and Hologram USA.

The concert will also serve as a platform to raise awareness about the out of control situation in Chicago and Keef's message of peace and hope for the youth.

The Mayor and other groups' efforts to shut down the concert have inadvertently drawn more attention to the concert and its message. Chatter on the streets of Chicago is speculating that the City's intention was to distract from its own culpability in Harris' death. Indeed the mother of Harris, Shatrelle McComb, filed suit in Chicago against the City and the police department holding them responsible.

"The show goes on," said Chief Keef's backer Alki David. "Like the L.A. riots in the 90's, Dillan Harris' murder is the tipping point. The streets will bear no more. The City is burning while Rahm fiddles in Paris this week. His effort to blame South Side devastation on an artist like Chief Keef would be laughable if it weren't so blatant an effort to distract from his own inability to effect positive change."

Chief Keef will appear live in Chicago via hologram from the Beverly Hills studios of Hologram USA. He will preform songs from his highly anticipated album Bang 3 which FilmOn Music will release via another David-owned company, MondoTunes, in August. The most recently released song is "Ain't Missing You" a heartwrenching tribute to Keef's cousin Big Glo who was also tragically murdered on the streets of Chicago a year ago. (The video is available here.)

INFO: The public can watch the July 25th Chief Keef Stop the Killing Now Hologram Benefit Concert free at FilmOn.Com. Donations, which will be matched by Cheif Keef and Alki David, are already being accepted. Showtime 10pm CST (8pm PST, 11pm EST).

Please note due to the need for secrecy around the event no press will be admitted.

Watch the trailer for the event here.


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