Woman Care Global to Market Dilapan-S(R) Hygroscopic Cervical Dilator


SAN DIEGO, July 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Woman Care Global (WCG) has announced that it will market the Dilapan-S® Hygroscopic Cervical Dilator through an agreement with Czech Republic-based manufacturer MEDICEM in selected countries worldwide.

Hygroscopic cervical dilators are used globally for cervical preparation in a broad spectrum of gynecological indications. The drug-free nature of Dilapan-S, made of patented AQUACRYL® hydrogel, makes it an ideal resource for physicians seeking cervical preparation without the added side effects caused by pharmaceutical based options. Dilapan-S is FDA cleared and CE-marked facilitating broad distribution worldwide.
WCG will leverage their distribution network and regulatory expertise to facilitate product registration, market introduction and commercialization of Dilapan-S in the following first wave of countries: Brazil, Colombia, Finland, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia and South Africa.
"We are so pleased to partner with MEDICEM and introduce Dilapan-S into new markets," said WCG's Chief Medical Officer Kelly Culwell, MD, MPH. "Dilapan-S is a high-quality product that has received stringent regulatory approval and is manufactured to rigorous quality standards. These are key attributes necessary to efficiently register medical products in new countries. Healthcare providers and the women they serve, no matter where they live, deserve access to safe and effective products such as Dilapan-S."
About WomanCare Global

Woman Care Global is a global non-profit healthcare company whose mission is to provide reproductive health solutions for women and girls around the world. Leveraging our medical, social and commercial expertise, we have built a sustainable value chain that enables us to reliably deliver high-quality products and point of care services, resulting in more informed providers and more family planning options for women and girls. Our hybrid model redirects financial surplus achieved from sales in developed countries to under-served markets thereby eliminating economic and geographic barriers and increasing impact. For more information, please visit womancareglobal.org.

MEDICEM is an integrated group of biomedical companies developing innovative medical devices focusing on gynecology, ophthalmology and tissue regeneration. To date, the MEDICEM R &D Team has developed more than a dozen products based on proprietary innovative technologies that hold certifications in many important worldwide markets including the USA, Japan and the European Union.



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