Margins & Missions... Not Moonshots: The Future of Higher Education?

New Book, "Margins & Missions... Not Moonshots," Provides Radically Bold, but Pragmatic Pathways to a Better U.S. Higher Education System

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwired - Aug 4, 2015) -  Margins & Missions... Not Moonshots: Pathways to Better U.S. Higher Education, a new book by Peter Fenner, PhD, and Steven Kayser, provides a bold palette of ideas to re-imagine, reengineer and reinvent the complex business of higher education with a focus on the pragmatic and rapidly achievable. The book includes interviews and written contributions from over 30 prestigious thought and business leaders from inside and outside higher education, including international bestselling business authors and prize winners.

Access, Affordability, and the Demons of Debt

Higher education institutions face unprecedented peril from a perfect storm of economic and demographic challenges. Declining enrollments, drastically reduced state and federal government funding, and excessive growth of support and administration costs have left many universities in a cash-strapped financial conundrum. Student loan debt now exceeds $1.2 trillion, which is more than U.S. credit card debt, a staggering impediment to generational and national economic growth. In addition, serious concerns are being raised that question the value of a college degree in today's tightened economy. Student, parents, and the higher education system are under siege.

How to Win the Future?

How can the U.S. continue to be the preeminent global influencer without a vibrant and sustainable higher education system to support it?

Disruptive, Simple and Sane Solutions

"There can be no higher education mission without margins. There can be no margins without accountability and a business mindset. The ideas in this book embody an entrepreneurial mindset focused on better serving students and fulfilling core institutional missions. They also provide ways to find and free up new revenue streams and resources, reduce support and administrative costs, and simplify operational and institutional complexity, which alone could save hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. The views touch on solutions that are tried, innovative, disruptive, or simple and sane," said co-author Peter Fenner.

Common Sense Blasphemy

"'Margins & Missions... Not Moonshots: Pathways to Better U.S. Higher Education,' is a unique book in that the collaborative mode of leadership brainstorming led to some radically bold, but pragmatic ideas. Some of the suggestions are in the guise of blasphemy; others are cloaked in common sense. All will provoke," said co-author Steven Kayser.

About the Authors

Peter Fenner, PhD, published author, university academic, and scientist, has over 40 years of service in higher education and is the founder of Compass Higher Education Consulting.

Steven Kayser is a published author, award-winning writer, and founder of Kayser Media.

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