Integration Point Prepares for Major Transition in US Customs Filing Procedures

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - Aug 4, 2015) - As the trade anxiously awaits the November 1, 2015 mandatory filing deadline from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to go into effect, Integration Point is preparing as well. As a global trade management (GTM) solutions provider, Integration Point provides import/export management capabilities along with important interfaces throughout the supply chain for its global customers. While the November 1, 2015 mandate is not the first in a long line of changes to move the US to electronic filing through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), it will certainly be one of the largest changes to go into effect.

US CBP has been moving towards the full implementation and utilization of ACE for some time. Integration Point is already certified on the existing ACE functionality, and is now working with Customs on the next phases. Integration Point is testing the ACE environment's new functionality every step of the way between now and November, and has dedicated, experienced resources focused on the success of the ACE initiative.

"One of the biggest areas that will be affected with the November deadline is the Partnering Government Agencies or PGAs," noted Elizabeth Connell, Vice President of Product Management and the lead on ACE development and integration for Integration Point. "We are participating in the pilot programs available now for several of the PGAs and ACE, and sit on several board and association committees that are driving much of the feedback from the trade. Integration Point is committed not only to helping our customers be successful with this transition to ACE, but also to assist in the creation of a fully electronic system for Customs that will make filing easier for all US importers and exporters."

Connell suggests that companies start preparing today for the November deadline by looking into their entry filings and checking to make sure the necessary data can be fed from their company (or software provider) to US CBP. Companies need to know what data elements are needed, when they are needed and all electronic reporting requirements. Filers must ensure that any software being used can flag entries where Customs or PGAs require certain documents. There will be 15 PGAs that will require mandatory filings by November 1st along with US CBP, and another 30+ agencies coming online between then and October 2016.

Electronic filing is no longer just an idea for the future. It is here, mandatory and a big step in the ultimate goal of having a Single Window for US CBP and all the Partnering Government Agencies.

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