ChannelMeter Launches New MCN Suite, a Powerful Analytics Platform for YouTube and Facebook Multi-Channel Networks

New MCN-focused analytics platform provides software for viewership insights, YouTube Content ID analytics, creator tools and earnings distribution

San Francisco, Calif., Aug. 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ChannelMeter, Inc., a leading online video intelligence and audience analytics platform, has officially unveiled the ChannelMeter MCN Suite, a powerful analytics platform for YouTube and Facebook Multi-Channel Networks. The suite empowers Multi-Channel Networks (also known as MCNs) with an administrative dashboard that provides access to viewership insights, YouTube Content ID analytics, creator tools and seamless earnings distribution.

After developing a prototype with three MCNs distributed to 308 creators, ChannelMeter released a private beta version of the suite in April 2015. During the software's beta period, its user base ballooned to 44 MCNs and 22,000 creators. The ChannelMeter MCN Suite is now officially available to the public.

The new software provides Multi Channel Networks with network and audience analytics, network management tools, and advanced content ID analytics. Equipped with these resources, account managers have the ability to monitor and manage their network's growth in an organized, efficient manner. It's a highly centralized and connected platform that provides MCNs with access to all their creators and staff, as well as brands and sponsors.

"ChannelMeter's white label solution enables us to provide our partners top of the line analytic tools along with access to view revenue data for the up to the minute transparency that is expected today by creators," said Steve Levy, CEO of the music MCN The BPM Network. Levy's network is one of the 44 registered with the ChannelMeter MCN Suite.

Creators and channel managers benefit from the software as well. Creators now have transparency on viewership performance and access to tools to grow and monetize their channel. And when it comes to getting paid, the MCN Suite has that covered, too - account managers can automatically route funds to their creators as soon as they come in.

An MCN, or multi-channel network, is an entity on YouTube affiliated with two or more creator channels. MCNs offer individual creators a range of benefits, including programming, funding, audience growth and promotion. In exchange, the MCN takes a piece of the creator's ad revenue.

About ChannelMeter

ChannelMeter is the leading online video intelligence and audience analytics platform that provides media companies, brands, MCNs, and creators with deeper insight into their content's impact on the web. Privately funded and headquartered in San Francisco, ChannelMeter's investors include Artis Ventures, Pulsar Ventures, Turner Broadcasting's Media Camp, Matter.VC and 500 Startups.

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