College Students Ingenious Idea Turns Into Global Sales Within Weeks

He took a simple idea and ran with it, now just months later, he's already become an international success from it.

pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles. CA, Aug. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 26-year-old Ryan Zamo has taken his clever philosophy and made it into an international success. Using the classic equation of solving an everyday problem, while creating something people need, the young entrepreneur has exploded into a whirlwind of success.

Now his company Z Skin Cosmetics has become a global leader in organic skincare, hair care and mineral makeup, all within a year of starting the business, the 26-year-old commented " I wanted to bring high-end, luxury, organic products to everyday people. My philosophy was simple "There's a lot more normal people than there is untouchables, I know I would love to have amazing products that actually work that cost thousands of dollars, but that's just a fantasy. I can't afford it, but the thought of it is lovely, and I know many people can relate with that. So, I made a product that usually costs close to $400, and I brought it to everyday customers for under $25".

But Zamo hasn't created just another run-of-the-mill product, tests and awards-won around the world have proven that Z Skin Cosmetics has beat out every other leading product on the market. Being named "Product Of The Year" by the Wall Street Journal, "Best New Affordable Skincare Line" by The Daily News and "The Next Proactiv and Clinique" By Fox News, within weeks of its launch. Recently, he was named the top choice by one of the leading fashion and beauty magazines, securing his spot as a leader in the market. 

 The young entrepreneur said, "I looked at what makes me a customer for life and brought that to my company, to me its something that should be exclusively for the rich and famous, and still has better products and services, priced for anyone to enjoy. That is what makes me a lifelong customer, high end products and untouchable service, for a realistic price." Z Skin Cosmetics product lines contain exotic herbs and oils from around the world, including exotic ingredients used in no other products on the market, producing unprecedented results that are priced for anyone to afford.

Now the successful CEO of his company Z Skin Cosmetics, Ryan Zamo was able to take his philosophy of bringing luxury items to everyday people, and has skyrocketed to an international success within months. With the massive influx of new customers daily, and the wild growth of Z Skin cosmetics, it looks like the 26-year-old entrepreneur has yet to even see the start of his miraculous success story. 

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