JDL Technologies Joins InfraGard Member Alliance

FBI InfraGard Program Fosters Information-Sharing Between Private and Public Sectors to Protect Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JDL Technologies, a recognized leader in providing managed IT services, information technology infrastructure, and HIPAA-compliant information technology, today announced that it has been accepted into the InfraGard Member Alliance. InfraGard is an FBI outreach program whose mission is to foster information-sharing between the private and public sectors for the purpose of protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure.

“InfraGard members represent business, education, state and local law enforcement and others committed to sharing information to detect and thwart hostile acts against our critical infrastructure,” said Scott Fluegge, President and General Manager of JDL Technologies. “JDL Technologies provides network and data security to a wide range of organizations, and we’re proud to support the InfraGard initiative as a member of the InfraGard South Florida Alliance.”

InfraGard has subject matter experts in 16 categories of critical infrastructure and key resources, including Information Technology, throughout the U.S. InfraGard has the guidance and support of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and each InfraGard chapter is geographically linked with an FBI Field Office. By utilizing the talents and expertise of the InfraGard network, information is shared to mitigate threats to the physical and cyber-based systems that are essential to the minimum operations of the economy and the government.

According to the InfraGard website, “The protection of our nation’s critical infrastructure, much of which is owned by private-sector companies, cannot be accomplished by the federal government alone.”

JDL Technologies is also a member of the U.S. Secret Service Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force, which investigates cybercrime, computer crimes, network intrusions, online enticements, hacking cases, website defacements and identity theft related to the security of financial and personal information, as well as bank and credit card fraud. The Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force works with its members throughout South Florida to investigate these crimes in a cohesive fashion. The task force includes federal and local law enforcement, financial institutions, academia and private sector organizations involved in computer security.

About JDL Technologies

A leading national Managed Services Provider, JDL Technologies is ranked among the CRN 2015 Elite 150 Managed Service Providers in North America, and holds the Managed Services Trustmark from CompTIA, global voice of the information technology industry. JDL Technologies provides managed IT services and information technology infrastructure to clients throughout the U.S., as well as HIPAA-compliant information technology and services to the healthcare industry. JDL Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:JCS).  For more information, visit jdltech.com.


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