26-Year-Old Slapped With Corporate Identity Theft And Fraud Charges

It has been a prolonged uphill-battle, and with all appeals exhausted, the case has officially been ruled against the 26-year-old

pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles. CA, Aug. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Just under a year old, Z Skin Cosmetics has become a globally successful brand for organic skincare, hair care and mineral makeup. Battling with the banks for months now, the 26-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics has been attempting to appeal a business transaction that was overturned by the bank, after claiming that the purchase was fraudulent.

The sale is question, reported to be jus tover $20,000, has been offically retracted from Z Skin Cosmetics, the young CEO said "I personally spoke with the buyer multiple times, they purchased a few smaller orders previously, and we never had a problem. We never start any order, no matter what size it is, until the funds have cleared and we have been given the green light. The funds cleared the next day, so we immediately started production, it wasn't until a week later that the bank contacted us."

After further investigation by the bank, it was found that the buyer who made the purchases had illegally obtained the companies identity and account information, Zamo said "I wouldn't have pursued the case so much had we known sooner, but by the time it was all said and done, we were left with $20,000 in inventory that was ready to be shipped.  Though we contacted the shipping company to let them know the order was ready, the only reason it hadn't been picked up yet was because they were also waiting on a payment from the buyer."

Though most companies wouldn't see $20,000 in inventory as a problem, Z Skin Cosmetics faced a huge loss; the young entrepreneur said, "For companies like ours, $20,000 in inventory becomes a huge problem. We produce completely organic products, and with no preservatives, there was no way we could ever make our money back from it."

Finally, after months of appealing to the highest levels of the bank, it has been decided that the payment will not be returned to Z Skin Cosmetics. Though it was a major set back for the company, Zamo still holds his head up high, saying "It isn't really anyone's fault, we all make mistakes, but I guess you live and you learn.  Not to throw myself a pity-party, but I am just a young kid who's trying to make an honest living, after finding something I truly love doing. We've now begun taking extreme safety precautions, reaching out to the banks first to verify the transactions, as well as making sure all other information is verified as well."

Though both the CEO and company are still young, with the tenacity and dedication to Z Skin Cosmetics, Zamo seems to have a bright future in business ahead of him.

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