FIME Revolutionizes EMV Payment Terminal Kernel Design in the U.S.

Launches Cloud-Based Service to Support the Development of EMV Level 2 Terminal Kernels

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the U.S. payments industry migrates to EMV® chip technology to deter counterfeit card fraud, many stakeholders are looking to bring their payment terminals, mobile points of sale (mPOS) and kernel products to market more efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. In a move to assist developers in their efforts, leading payments consultancy FIME has today launched its EVAL 4dev cloud-based service. A breakthrough in the testing world, this online service enables users to validate EMV Level 2 payment terminal kernels throughout the development phase 24/7 and from any location.

In addition to FIME's testing services, it also offers end-to-end consulting services for EMV chip cards, payment terminals, ATMs and applications for financial institutions, merchants and other payments stakeholders of all sizes. For more available services and tools, visit

The cloud-based service confirms that the software applications embedded in EMV payment terminals align with the U.S.'s latest industry specifications. FIME also offers its extensive expertise to customers in the form of consulting and support services to aid kernel software development and debugging. The combination of the EVAL 4dev service, the EVAL test suite and FIME's laboratory services offer a complete terminal kernel development and certification solution for a comprehensive list of required industry standards.

"FIME is first to market with an offering of this kind," comments Vincent Poty, head of Strategy and Corporate Development at FIME. "Testing as a service signals a big shakeup in the testing landscape. Not only will this improve productivity by allowing development teams to check their work step-by-step, it will also save them money by reducing the risk of failures at the certification testing stage and cutting development times. We're seeing drastic time reductions for development projects, giving vendors a competitive edge."

EVAL 4dev utilizes test libraries that are used for certification testing, mitigating the risk of issues at this final stage. The solution is simple to use, allowing software testing against the test plan with just one click, without the need for terminal hardware. Development teams can benefit from fully-automated, non-regression testing to confirm that the overall kernel application is still compliant once incremental updates and additional development work has taken place.

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About FIME

FIME is a trusted provider of consulting services, certification and tools. It enables U.S. customers to bring seamless EMV chip card and mobile transactions services to market effectively and confidently using secure contact and contactless EMV, near field communication (NFC), trusted service manager (TSM), trusted execution environment (TEE) and host card emulation (HCE) technologies.

Working with the payment, telecom, transit and identity sectors, FIME supports customers from project initiation to completion by advising on technical requirements, consulting on industry regulations certification authority implementation and streamlining testing and certification activity.

FIME has 11 offices across America (U.S. and Canada), Asia (Japan, South Korea and Taiwan), Europe (France), India and the Middle East (Dubai), offering global expertise and local knowledge through a single point of contact to actively contribute to the advancement and simplification of certification processes.

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