Forecast International Acquires AeroWeb, Improves European Presence

Newton, Connecticut, UNITED STATES

NEWTOWN, Conn., Aug. 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forecast International today announced that it has acquired AeroWeb, a very popular and high-traffic website developed by Barr Group Aerospace (BGA). The company was founded in Alabama in 2008 by Dr. Sonny Barr and Joakim Kasper Oestergaard, two visionaries who saw an increasing need for the rapid dissemination of information of all types within the dynamic world of Aerospace Defense.

In 2010 the team developed AeroWeb, a unique website with multiple links to hundreds of industry sources, providing, in essence, a gigantic dashboard for presenting these data in real time to viewers around the world. This site, located at, rapidly grew in popularity, as visitors found a host of continually updated answers to their questions about this fast-changing industry.

Unfortunately, Barr Group Aerospace suffered a setback in January 2015 when cofounder Dr. Barr passed away, after which Mr. Oestergaard decided to move AeroWeb to Denmark, his home country.  There, Mr. Oestergaard is affiliated with Terma Aerostructures A/S – a leading manufacturer of composite and metal aerostructures for the F-35 Lightning II and other military and commercial aircraft platforms.

In announcing the purchase, Ed Nebinger, CEO of Forecast International, stated, "We are doubly pleased with the acquisition of AeroWeb, as we have also been fortunate in gaining the continuing services of Mr. Oestergaard, who will remain as Webmaster to the site and also serve as our European correspondent.  He is an exceptionally creative person who is an expert in the fields of aerospace & defense market intelligence, civil aviation fuel efficiency, and defense spending.  Mr. Oestergaard has a Master's Degree in Finance and International Business from the Aarhus School of Business - Aarhus University in Denmark."

Ray Peterson, VP, Research & Editorial Services at Forecast, added, "As European correspondent, Mr. Oestergaard will strengthen  ties to Forecast International's clients in Europe, and will help bring the company closer to the dynamic developments taking place there, events that are sometimes not fully appreciated in a blizzard of competing headlines worldwide.  He will also work closely with our representatives in London and Paris, Hawk Associates, and will add to our presence at various shows and exhibitions."

About Forecast International
Forecast International, Inc. is a leading provider of Market Intelligence and Analysis in the areas of aerospace, defense, power systems and military electronics.  Based in Newtown, Conn., USA, Forecast International specializes in long-range industry forecasts and market assessments used by strategic planners, marketing professionals, military organizations, and governments worldwide.

Forecast International continues to expand the development of its revolutionary Platinum Forecast System, which provides instant graphical solutions to queries, backed up by detailed data. The company sees an ever-growing need to report and interpret dynamic events quickly and accurately to a world audience that is increasingly moving to mobile media and wants to stay informed anywhere on Earth. 


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