Heavy Duty Kit Features True UV LED Flashlight

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - August 26, 2015) - Finding leaks fast and efficiently in trucks, buses, refrigerated transport vehicles, tractor trailers and small vans is necessary to avoid breakdowns and interrupted service. Tracer Products saves technicians time and money on repairs with the TP-8657HD OPTI-PRO™ Plus/EZ-Ject™ Heavy Duty Kit, which easily pinpoints all refrigerant and fluid leaks quickly and easily.

This reliable heavy duty kit features the OPTI-PRO™ Plus, a cordless, ultra-compact, true UV (violet light) leak detection flashlight with convenient on-board recharging. With power comparable to high-intensity 125 watt lamps, the high-output flashlight provides optimal fluorescent dye response and contrast, ensuring that each and every leak glows brilliantly.

Included in the kit are an EZ-Ject™ A/C dye injector with hose/coupler and purge fitting, two EZ-Ject™ universal A/C dye cartridges, and an 8 oz twin-neck bottle of Dye-Lite® All-In-One™ concentrated oil dye for oil, fuel ATF, power steering and hydraulic leaks. Also included are an 8 oz twin-neck bottle of Dye-Lite® water-based dye for coolant and truck/trailer body leaks, an 8 oz spray bottle of dye cleaner, and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. All components are packed in a rugged carrying case.

Headquartered in Westbury, New York, Tracer Products has been at the forefront of leak detection technology for over 60 years. Tracerline® fluorescent dyes are so effective they have been successfully installed in more than 205 million vehicles to date, and are OEM approved by Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Ford, GM and Volkswagen, amongst others. In addition to fluorescent dyes, it offers a full line of rugged, top-quality, award-winning leak detection lamps, diagnostic tools and dye injection systems used in automobiles and heavy duty vehicles. Tracer Products is dedicated to upholding high standards in design manufacturing, ensuring customer satisfaction and in continuing to lead the world in leak detection solutions.

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