ABT Acquires Scoobeez and Ushers in the Next Wave of On-Demand Same Day Delivery Systems

Pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Pasadena, CA, Aug. 31, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ABT Holdings (OTC Pink: ABOT, the “Company”) today announced that it has acquired a significant controlling interest in Scoobeez and its affiliated companies, including several corporations, assets, and revenue generating businesses. As reported earlier, Scoobeez is an “On Demand” door to door messenger, courier and delivery service company that primarily utilizes scooters and motorcycles along with cars to facilitate same day deliveries.


Shahan Ohanessian, CEO of ABT, “As promised in the second quarter of 2015, I’m extremely delighted to share this great new path in the history of our Company. We have entered into the “On-Demand Logistics System and operations” space, where all types of retailers are seeking immediate customized door-to-door capabilities in hopes of winning loyalty from online shoppers. Scoobeez is merging retailers’ online and store operations with its creative delivery system to complete the full cycle of e-commerce.”


Mr. Ohanessian further added, “With the dawn of mobile apps and other Internet-enabled platforms, Scoobeez has entered in the initial frontiers of On-Demand Hyper-Efficient Logistics. As we have witnessed recently, several major online retailers have successfully completed same day delivery pilot programs in major cities. We are strongly positioned to benefit from this trend by becoming a premier delivery service provider for several major retailers.”


Benjamin Art also known as “Beno Blanko”, CEO of Scoobeez commented on this strategic acquisition, “In the last few months, ABT has brought in deep business insights and corporate management expertise, which has put us in the path of growth and profitability. We are not only excited about this strategic investment, but also look forward to expand our operational footprint in California and several other states in the upcoming months. Our riders and drivers are the backbone of our business and they have become experts in delivering On-Demand logistic experience to end-users with seamless pick-ups and timely as well as courteous drop offs.”


ABT is committed in investing in Scoobeez’s operations and technological infrastructure, which will allow it to successfully cater to this growing trend of Omni channel retailing, where online shoppers’ orders can be delivered on the same day using the Scoobeez systems and processes support. Imran Firoz, CFO of ABT, explained the potential profitability of Scoobeez, “As active participants in Scoobeez operations, we are extremely confident that our delivery pricing, maximization of driver efficiency, and existing lean cost structure will quickly allow us to scale up the business into several locations. This cost effective and efficient logistics can make Scoobeez a leader in this vertical.”

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About the Company

ABT Holdings doing business as ABT Holdings a diversified holding company engaged in investing, acquiring, developing, and growing various businesses that provide strategic advantages, generate attractive returns and significant free cash flow in order to maximize value of our shareholders.


About Scoobeez

Scoobeez based out of Los Angeles, California is an “On Demand” door to door messenger, courier and delivery service company that primarily utilizes scooters and motorcycles along with cars to facilitate same day deliveries. Scoobeez’s value proposition include utilization of technologies, exceptional customer experience, and logistic creativity to deliver messages, packages and other items within the shortest possible time-frame. For more information, please visit company’s website, click here. You may connect and follow Scoobeez on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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