Marijuana Access Canada (MAC) Bringing Telemedicine to Patients Canada-Wide

Plainview, New York, UNITED STATES

TORONTO, Sept. 04, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marijuana Access Canada (MAC) is comprised of a network of Board Certified physicians in the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and will be expanding into British Columbia and Quebec in the next coming months. MAC connects patients with a Board Certified physician, who is able to write a legal prescription for medical marijuana that is fully compliant with the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) as outlined by Health Canada. This compassionate healthcare organization advocates for the use of medical marijuana for eligible patients, and strongly believes that patients will experience and enjoy a greater quality of life with the use of cannabis for its incredible medical benefits, as opposed to the toxic and harmful narcotics or pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to patients suffering from chronic and debilitating medical conditions. The team of medical professionals and friendly staff will also comprehensively guide qualifying patients with the use of medical marijuana, in terms of dosage, method of consumption, strain recommendation, side effects, risks, and drug interactions.

Patients are able to request appointments through the online booking platform available on,, and also begin the process by filling out the required intake consent forms before their scheduled appointment., a sub-domain of the U.S. website, is excited to introduce and welcome Marijuana Access Canada (MAC) to its Canadian network, MAC provides both telemedicine appointments and in-person doctor’s visits for patients. With a telemedicine appointment, patients are able to see a doctor via a video chat session from the convenience of their own home, through a safe and secure telemedicine online portal.

MAC is primarily focused on telemedicine due to the lack of physicians in remote areas such as the suburbs of Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver and provinces like Saskatchewan, where doctors are far and few between and do not support the use of medical cannabis for eligible patients. MAC is able to fill this void for patients, who are unable to travel long distances to more populated cities like Toronto, Calgary, or Ottawa. In addition, telemedicine is a great option for patients who are agoraphobic, disabled, home-bound, in-hospice, or terminally ill.

To qualify in certain provinces like Ontario, patients must be at least the age of 25 (or must have parental or guardian consent), be a legal Canadian resident with a valid Canadian photo ID, and have medical records showing the diagnosis of a qualifying medical condition. According to the MMPR, it is at the discretion of the doctor to determine whether or not a patient qualifies. Once a patient is approved for medical marijuana, the prescription is then sent to an Authorized Licensed Producer. Prescriptions issued by the doctor may be valid for up to 1 year. However typically, most prescriptions are issued for a length of 3 or 6 months in order to follow up with a reassessment to ensure that the treatment is proceeding as expected. Follow-up appointments are at no additional cost to the patient.

MAC offers one of the most reliable and technologically advanced telemedicine portals for patients, and has taken the opportunity to be at the forefront of an exponentially popular healthcare option. The convenience of telemedicine avoids the usual long-wait time for patients at the doctor’s office even with a confirmed appointment. Telemedicine is a safe, effective, and discreet way to reach patients all across Canada. Eligible patients simply require a Smartphone, Tablet, or computer with camera functionality to set up the appointment. MAC guarantees patients compassionate care and is able to accommodate patients 7 days a week.


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