HSH.com Discovers What Annoys Americans Most About Their Homes

Survey of 1,001 homeowners reveals what irks Americans about their homes, neighborhoods and neighbors.

Foster City, California, UNITED STATES

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Sept. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every living situation has something that just gets under your skin, whether it's not having space for all your stuff, those neighbors who are way too loud, or the drivers who speed down the block like they're in a drag race. HSH.com, the mortgage data research firm, set out to determine the biggest annoyances by commissioning Op4G to survey 1,001 Americans on what upset them about their homes, their neighbors and their neighborhood.


When it comes to the house itself, most people either feel cramped, or like their house is falling apart, with two-thirds of respondents being upset by a lack of storage or too much maintenance, and over half of those surveyed saying that the size or the age of the house left them wanting more.

What annoys you about your home? (Could choose any/all)


  1. Lack of storage - 67%
  2. Too much maintenance - 66%
  3. Too small - 52%
  4. Too old/not updated - 52%
  5. Insects / Wildlife - 51%
  6. The neighbors - 41%
  7. No central air conditioning - 37%
  8. Unusable space - 31%
  9. Lack of parking - 30%
  10. No/Small yard - 30%
  11. Water pressure - 25%
  12. HOA - 19%

As home dwellers spend more time in their home, the maintenance associated with older buildings becomes the primary concern, with 75 percent of respondents who have lived in their home for over a decade complaining about the maintenance hassle.


If you like playing music at full volume or having parties that shake the walls, your neighbors probably don't like you very much. Likewise, if you have a neighbor who can see into your window, or have to set up a fence just to mark property lines, you aren't alone in your angst. Have kids? There's a 1-in-3 chance that your neighbors don't like them.

What annoys you about your neighbors? (Could choose any/all)

  1. Noisy - 63%
  2. Too close - 61%
  3. Messy yard - 46%
  4. Unfriendly - 45%
  5. Vehicles - 42%
  6. Pets - 40%
  7. Nosy - 38%
  8. Their kids - 33%
  9. Home in disrepair - 32%
  10. They're strangers - 17%
  11. Too far away - 12%

While noise was the top complaint for most groups in the study, the highly-urbanized Northeast was most upset by just how close neighbors were.


Next time you're rushing home, check the speedometer, because zipping through a neighborhood at 20 mph faster than you need too is probably ruffling a few feathers in the neighborhood. In addition, letting your teenagers hang out outside may have them out of your hair, but it's probably getting under someone else's skin.

  1. Speeders / Traffic - 76%
  2. Houses too close - 71%
  3. No shopping / retail - 56%
  4. Crime - 47%
  5. No peers - 47%
  6. No parks / public areas - 47%
  7. Too many teenagers - 40%
  8. Commute too far - 38%
  9. No highway  access -25%
  10. No nightlife / amenities - 37%
  11. Houses too far apart – 15%

Across owners and renters, male and female in all regions, the results showed that speeding and close proximity were the top annoyances for most everyone in the country. While you can't always control how fast someone is driving, knowing what upsets you can help you find a place that will keep you from needing anger management down the line.
HSH.com has broken down the data into three separate articles below where you can read more on what annoys Americans about their living situation.

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