ABT’s Scoobeez is set to Launch Las Vegas Scoobeez

Pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Pasadena, California, Sept. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ABT Holdings (OTC Pink: ABOT, the “Company”) today announced that Scoobeez, an “On Demand” door-to-door logistics and delivery service company that primarily utilizes scooters and motorcycles along with cars to facilitate “Same Day” deliveries is expanding to Las Vegas.


Scoobeez, the creators of certain systems, trade secrets, and other intellectual properties in the “On Demand” same day delivery services, has issued an exclusive license to operate and use the Scoobeez name and intellectual properties to its Licensing Partner in Las Vegas. Scoobeez’s Nevada Licensee is planning on opening the Las Vegas office within the next 30 days and planning on opening two additional Scoobeez operations in Lake Tahoe and Reno.    


Shahan Ohanessian, CEO of ABT said, “We are extremely delighted to see Scoobeez launch in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. Based on our existing strong business model in Southern California, we believe that this is a natural progression for us to expand Scoobeez in Las Vegas. Scoobeez’s Hyper-Efficient Logistics is a perfect fit for Las Vegas’ local economy and the high traffic convention industry.”


Imran Firoz, CFO of ABT further elaborated, “The financial metrics of the licensing agreement is extremely favorable for Scoobeez growth in many locations within a short period of time. The Licensing model has the potential of generating significant revenues to ABT Holdings.”


Scoobeez is continuing its advanced negotiations with various other qualified licensing partners to expand Scoobeez’s operations in other cities, states and countries. ABT Holdings shall be updating its shareholders as more Scoobeez licensing agreements are finalized.


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About the Company

ABT Holdings doing business as ABT Holdings a diversified holding company engaged in investing, acquiring, developing, and growing various businesses that provide strategic advantages, generate attractive returns and significant free cash flow in order to maximize value of our shareholders.


About Scoobeez

Scoobeez based out of Los Angeles, California is an “On Demand” “Same Day” door to door delivery service company that primarily utilizes scooters and motorcycles along with cars to facilitate same day deliveries. Scoobeez’s value proposition include utilization of technologies, exceptional customer experience, and logistic creativity to deliver messages, packages and other items within the shortest possible time-frame. For more information, please visit company’s website, click here. You may connect and follow Scoobeez on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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