Vikings: Gods, Kings and Warriors rise for a limited time, exclusively from APMEX

Vikings: Gods, Kings and Warriors is a 15-coin series meticulously crafted by the Scottsdale Mint.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, UNITED STATES

OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vikings conquered, plundered and reigned equally over land and sea, attaining notoriety as valiant, seafaring warriors. Their triumphs and expansion are well known, but their divine inspirations and leaders are not. The creative team at Scottsdale Mint brings the shining Valhalla, its inhabitants and its worshippers to life in a new series, Vikings: Gods, Kings and Warriors.

The series depicts 15 of the Norse culture's greatest figures: Odin, Ragnar, King Cnut, Thor, Loki, Tyr, Freya, Ivar the Boneless, Eric Bloodaxe, Harald Hardrada, Bjorn Ironside, Egil Skallagrimsson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, Harald Fairhair, and Gudfred. The first three silver coins (Odin, King Cnut and Ragnar) have been released together as a 30-day U.S. exclusive. The remaining coins will be released one at a time over the next three years.

"The Vikings coin series pays homage to the mythical bravery, violence and spirituality of the Vikings," APMEX Vice President of Merchandising Andrew Martineau said. "King Cnut, for example, is based on medieval drawings — his cloak clasp is actually a quatrefoil coin design popular when he was in power. With a level of detail so refined, the Scottsdale Mint has created a series as epic and legendary as its subject matter. It's perfect for collectors who value authenticity as much as beauty."

Each 2 troy oz .999 fine Silver collector coin has a limited mintage of 1,999. Issued by the Scottsdale Mint by the authority of the island of Niue, each coin is legal tender and has a laser-etched serial number matching its certificate of authenticity.

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